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Monday, January 27, 2014

Just try to stop me...

Did you really think I was gonna stay in?

The National weather service recommended NO TRAVEL yesterday as a
 winter blizzard stormed across Minnesota.
 We didn't get much snow but the winds that were promised made a bold appearance,
exceeding at times to 50 MPH, blowing what snow we did have into white-out conditions.

 I was in my element as Rick and I took a short trip out to see the real stuff only about 1 1/2 mi. from our home. Camera in hand we ventured out for the 3rd time.
The first was Church, then back to the mall and finally out to the country to see nature at it's finest!
I think my husband has more fun watching me, jumping out of the car to snap a shot,
giddy with excitement for this extreme weather.
(the car is always stopped when I jump out...ha)

 I e-mailed this one (my favorite) to the local news station KTTC weather. 
I have been told it aired this morning...I missed it's showing

Love the line of telephone poles barely visible, looking west on Valley high drive.
I have been labeled a "winter storm chaser" by my friend Valerie.... you think??? 

Looking north on 50th Ave. just a few miles from our home

This morning....after the storm

I walked into Caribou Coffee this morning like I do almost every morning,
 and the barista greeted me with this question
So.... do you STILL like winter?
My reply... 
"Yes, but I should have worn my mittens"

-14 degree this morning with wind chills expected and low as -40


  1. Your friend Valerie got that right: Winter Storm Chaser.

    Those are some fab photos, Jackie, and congrats on getting one on TV.

    1. Thanks Audrey, I'm sure it takes all you have in your warm little heart, not to call me nuts :)

    2. Oh, I would not call you that, Jackie. I understand the "in pursuit of a photo" aspect of your blizzard drive.

    3. Thanks...you nailed that right on the head :)

  2. Cool pictures! You were by my house!

  3. Wow, what adventurous pictures, you daring little storm-chaser you!

    1. It was exhilarating standing out in the wind, I bet you had some wild winds out at your place Betsy.

  4. Awesome pic of the sundogs!
    no mittens? crazy lady :)

    1. Mittens are over rated...unless of course you're out for extended periods of time :)

  5. Anonymous11:17 AM

    Great photos ... but you're crazy! :-)

    1. No....Jac' it was amazing, you must try it, just in and out of the car just to experiance it...you really must :)

  6. You crack me up Jackie:)

  7. Anonymous11:45 AM

    That's a great sun dog photo!!!!! And so is your other one that you sent to the TV station - gorgeous! I took some photos too, as we live in the country and were able to enjoy the storm to its fullest! My kids even were out playing in it - I don't think they've had so much fun ever. Dangerous? Probably. But all well that ends well, yes?!

  8. Oh Gretchen I think it was perfect that you're kids were out playing in the blizzard, reminds me of the good ole days when kids only entertainment was "outside"! You're a good mamma, they will always remember those days, I know I do!!! I would love to see some of your pictures you took :)