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Friday, January 31, 2014

I cant possible be old enough to have a 30 year old.... can I?

I Loved her first....

I had her to myself for 9+ months, 
she was 10 days late but worth the wait!
She sat alone at 4 months, Gave up her bottle at 8 mo. and walked at 8 1/2 mo. 
(already an over achiever)
My first born,
Brianna Marie Hemmer
9lb 4oz  22 inches long
The most beautiful baby....ever

I was just 23 and Rick 25, we knew we wanted kids right away but decided to 
wait for 1 year after we got married....
She was born 1 year and 9 months later on January 31, 1984

So today at 3:38pm my baby girl turns 30

Brianna, you started out as a spirited, playful little girl, you were a leader, the one in charge. 
You were sensitive, caring, loved and nurturing to your brothers... 
Brianna ~ Brice ~ Gavin
You started out colicky which about did your mama in.
After 4 months things turned around and you was a happy baby.
You were and ARE still a typical 1st born
Highly motivated to achieve success

In School you always strived to do your best
 and were unaccepting of anything less.

 It's fun to look back at photo's of you around Audrey's age (5 ish)
You and your daughter were/are both twirlers,
 that's you on the left, Audrey on the right.

We never had to worry about you in High school/college.
We did not have that "typical" adolescent daughter, not to brag you just weren't. 
No drama from our girl, we considered it a blessing!!!

You weren't into the party scene, or ga-ga over boys.
You never even dated which was fine with your dad and I.
It's not that you didn't want to, you were mature beyond your age
 and careful to guard your heart and wait for the right one
It happened while you were attending college
The boy who stole your heart...
One of my favorite pic of you and Chris
We grew to love Chris too!
 Then came babies, our first grandchildren.

Brianna you are a wonderful, fun momma who is always teaching and nurturing your little ones.
We are so proud of the woman you have become, you are selfless, kind & loving. 
Your babies are growing up in a happy home that you and Chris have provided for them. 
You are a full time mommy, and still work 1/2 time as a compassionate nurse.
You've achieved all this in your 20's....wow you've been busy!

As you begin a new adventure today, that of a 30 year old, 
I want you to know that the next 10 years we be fun but busy years!
 The kids will be more involved with activities, you will be the taxi driver, 
the school volunteer, and project manager. 
Here's the flip-side... 
You will also eventually notice more time for you and Chris, in about 7 years or so, 
you'll even be able to leave the kids for short periods of time, 
I will never forget that feeling... a touch of freedom.

I pray happiness, good health and joy for you sweet daughter
Happy 30th Birthday  
 I love you..... mom


  1. Happy birthday, sweet Brianna!

    Jackie, what a beautiful daughter you have--a woman of faith with a compassionate and loving heart. I would expect nothing less.

    May God bless you especially today and in the years ahead, Brianna! Many more birthdays...

    BTW, Brianna and Audrey look so much alike.

    1. Thanks for your kind words Audrey, I still cant believe I have a 30 year old. Brianna wrote an awesome post on her blog, she is quite the little writter, here it is if you'd like to read it... http://brianna14.blogspot.com/

    2. Just read Brianna's post, Jackie. What a great reflective and thankful piece. You should be incredibly proud of her and the woman she has become.

    3. She is a blessing in every way!

  2. Aww, such a fun and sweet blog Mom. I love looking at all the pictures! Love the twirling side by side picture, even the same color outfit! I had Audrey try to guess who the other girl was and she couldn't figure it out, she was glad when I told her it was me. Thanks for all the kind words :) I'm excited about other decade of life :) Thank you to you and Dad who raised me so well, loved me, and took good care of me (especially months 0-4! yikes!) Love you so much!

  3. What a beautiful tribute to your wonderful daughter! I absolutely love the last pic on this post too:)

    1. Me too Jen, not often you see this one in a dress, but she wears them well :)

  4. So touching! You made me cry! I remember seeing you when you were pregnant with her..Lourdes High School Gym for what else, a basketball game!

  5. Well that's a random memory Kitty, I can vaguely remember being at Lourdes to watch a game... was it a mayo vs Lourdes game? Probably :)

  6. Such beautiful memories. It goes without saying that she must have had some pretty good example of how to be such a wonderful mama and wife. Proud to know you all.

    1. Thanks for your kind words Ruth, you are so sweet.

  7. I love your firstborn like she was one of my own! Happy Birthday Brianna!