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Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Baked with love...

I took this photo last night after my daughter and her family had been here for a little visit. 
I wasn't in the kitchen when this happened but I can imagine (with a smile on my face)
 the little bit of effort it took my sweet granddaughter
 to get herself a cookie from "grandma's cookie jar". 
One of my stools from the breakfast nook pulled across the kitchen floor ,
 then the reach to pull the cookie jar closer to the edge so she can nab a cookie from within. 
When she was a toddler like her brother now, I would always pick them up...
sit them on the counter top and let them put their little hands in the cookie jar to pick just the right one.

A little history about my cookie jar.
I bought it at the hardware store in Kasson, Mn. in the mid 80's.
(Rick and I lived in Kasson for 5 years after we got married)
Our day care lady had one just like it, and I really thought it was cool.
Growing up, we didn't have a "cookie jar", but I liked the idea.

Our cookie jar is care-worn, made of ceramic, 
with a crack down the front and 
 a few chipped area's from my little ones misjudging the lid-to-hole ratio
I have thought about replacing the "cookie jar" with a new more modern container. One that fits my kitchen decor, one that doesn't have pink & purple hearts or is blemished with cracks and chips, but I've been told more then once from my now grown up adult children that they 
don't want me to get rid of it....guess they like that old 80's cookie jar.
I guess the old girl will have to stay crack or no crack and the second generation will continue to enjoy the goodies from within...."Baked with love"

*disclaimer: My cookies are often "baked with Love", but sometimes...."bought with love"


  1. What a wonderful cookie jar story. Your kids are correct. You need to keep that cookie jar. It holds many memories for them.

    As for that story about Audrey, I had a similar experience with my daughters when they were little. I had baked cookies and told them, "No cookies until after lunch." While I was busy with something in another room, the eldest pulled a chair to the counter and grabbed two cookies, for her and her sister. I walked in to find two girls sitting in a corner munching on cookies. What could I do except smile and take their photo. We still talk about this moment.

    1. Thanks for sharing your sweet story, I can just about see that picture :)

  2. Love the sentiment of your cookie jar:)

    1. I have a love-hate relationship with it Jen. It's just soooooo dated :/

  3. I love the cookie jar, it's part of the family (teehee) I still lament the day I dropped and broke the brown and yellow sugar dish....so sad. Bought or baked, it's always a good sight to see that jar filled :)

  4. Yes, I think Gma Hemmer made that sugar dish. No worries...someone would have broke it eventually!