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Sunday, March 23, 2014

This and that...

We had a pretty uneventful weekend, 
no big plans, just made them up as we went...

Saturday we decided to drive over to Chatfield, 
we took the back roads which is always a pretty drive.
We decided to try lunch at the Old Tyme Cafe on main street.
The place was empty at 12:30 which made us wonder if we had made the right choice.

The waitress told us to pick anywhere we wanted to sit. 
After we chose our table, I looked over my right shoulder and saw this sign...
Yikes, Oh well I guess we can try anywhere once  :)

Rick (red shirt) is a social butterfly and finds it easy to talk to anyone. 
I'm pretty sure he made this man's day when he walked over to him 
and they started reminiscing about Chatfield and the surrounding area.
Rick Great-grandpa was a blacksmith in Chatfield

Last night we went to the movie Divergent, 
We didn't know much about the movie but saw some of the  previews, 
it had some good reviews so we took a chance and really liked it!


Every third Weekend, our daughter works 12 hour shifts on both Saturday and Sunday. 
On those Sundays we often take Audrey home with us after church,
 mostly because we love having her with us, but it also gives
 her daddy a little afternoon reprieve while Carson takes a nap.

Today (while still in her Sunday best), Audrey wanted to make a "stick fort" with Grandpa.
We have a lot of broken branches from our tree out front, that have broke off from the big heavy snow that this winter has brought. She is in her glory picking up those sticks, and putting them in the snow.
 Miss Audrey with a handful of sticks
 Makin' a "stick fort"

Our deck has been too deep in snow to get to the empty bird feeder, but today I was finally 
able to get out to it with my bare feet, it felt wonderful.  
I will hold onto winter as long as I can with my snowman bird feeder...
believe me, the birds don't care ! 

I saw my first Robin today  :)


  1. Yay for a new blog! I think that movie looks interesting, wanna see it too! So sweet that you had the babies for lunch today and then Audrey later on. I know Chris felt good to have some time to himself, he really appreciates you both! And I do too! Love Audrey and her sticks :) So sweet. I was asking Buddy about his day today and he said, "Ba! Ba! Ba!" haha!

    1. We had a nice Sunday all around.... Carson is so sweet, "ba ba ba" Love it! Audrey and I watched a tutorial on Elsa's make up...pretty cool, Audrey just sat an stared, she loved it

  2. Anonymous12:35 PM

    And the final eval on the "Old Tyme Cafe"???????????? We get up that direction once in a while and don't have any special place to stop!!!!! Sounds like you had a good day!!!!!! Hugs................

    1. Oh I guess I didn't say what we thought about our food. It was really good, a little spendy for lunch but we weren't disappointed :) Rick had a burger with too many fries, and I had the salad bar :)

    2. I was wondering the same thing about your meal. So thank you for the follow-up. We walked into a bar/restaurant in Coloma, Wisconsin, on Friday and walked back out. Then went to a second and wondered why so few diners were there, but stayed and the food was good.

  3. You and Rick were here for a visit shortly after that café opened and we
    deceided to go for a ride and stopped there for lunch

    1. I might vaguely remember that mom :)