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Wednesday, July 02, 2014

Friends that go way back and.... a PHOTO SHOOT....

Recently I was asked to take some family photo's
 for a friend who just had her 3rd baby. 
I'm no professional, but I'll do in a pinch and of course
 I love photography as a hobby. 
I have known Kelsey since she was a baby....
I changed her diaper in the church nursery and went on 
 mission trips with her and my daughter with the youth group.... we go wayyyyyy back.
I have now taken care of her children in the church nursery along with my grandchildren  :)

My daughter grew up with kelsey at church, her mom and I have been friends for 
many years and have worked together as nurses (she is currently my boss). 
Now our daughters are both nurses and have children that are close in age. 
Kelsey & Brianna (my daughter)

Brianna and Kelsey were also college room mates at Winona state and now
 live only a few miles from each other. 
While in college, they both worked at Culvers, where they happened to meet the men 
of their dreams and married them in the same year. 
They have remained good friends and do many things together with the kids.

 These three have been growing up together, this was taken over a year ago.
That's my Audrey in the middle.

 Yesterday the two brave mamma's took 
their 5 little ones to the Minnesota zoo
(Ages 1 month, 2, 4, 5, 6) 

Our grandson Carson joined the boys in this photo.

I told Brianna yesterday as she was headed to the zoo, that I was so glad 
she had good friends to share life with.... It's such a blessing!

Now, back to the photoshoot....
I was honored to take pictures for Kelsey and her husband Jeff 
They have a beautiful family!

 The boys
 Such a sweet family
 Baby is in there some where  :)
 Sweet Evalyn 
Just relaxing in a bucket.....Kelsey brought the props


  1. You have the most fun blog, each post is so unique! I like this one a lot! I don't know what I'd do without Kelsey, she's the real deal, a true genuine friend. I'm glad our moms are friends, and our kids are friends! I'm also glad she likes you (who wouldn't?!) and had you take the pictures, they look great!

    1. Thanks Brie, My blog just seems "ho hum" to me so I appreciate your kind words. I like this one too :) I Love that you and Kelsey are such good friends...but you already know that :)

  2. You are about as close to a professional as they come, Jackie. Those portraits are outstanding. Seriously. Love them.

    And what a great story of long-time friendships that span generations. What a blessing.

    Happy Fourth, my friend. (My boy arrived home from Boston last evening!)

    1. You are very kind Audrey, This was a fun blog to put together! Happy 4th to you as well....so glad to here you have your Caleb home.... yipee!!!

  3. Great pics! Brianna and Kelsey have such a great friendship and history:)

    1. Thanks Jen, It was fun to hang out with the Chesneys, and yes the girls have a wonderful friendship....Im glad for that!!!