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Tuesday, July 01, 2014

My kind of day

Most of you will disagree with me but that's ok, 
I really do understand your point of view and if you were me,
 you'd understand my joy in this day....
My front garden
It's July 1, and the thermometer is reading just 70 degrees here in NW Rochester. 
A cool breeze hits me as I sit outside enjoying the day, no blaring hot sun,
 just fluffy clouds with some peeks of sun in between.
As most know I am a fall and winter lover.... lover of snow and all the beauty it brings. 
Taken a few years ago at Oxbow park, beautiful winter day... me in my element!

For me... the last few weeks has brought a form of
seasonal defective disorder to this girl, 
hot and humid is not a good mix for this soul....
I try, but here's the thing, nothing about 80's and humid is happy for me. 
I mostly stay indoors cooped up in the air conditioned house. 
If I do go out I immediately lose my makeup to a sweaty face and
 my hair goes from some what of a style to limp and sticking to my face....blah!!!  
Some may say "well in the winter, you sit in the house all day, that can be depressing"
Not for me, cuz that's what you expect in winter...indoors would be normal.
I'm actually more comfortable to be outside in the fall and winter...
no sweaty face, my make up and hair stays put, and I'm in my element.... 
all around comfort!
So, I'm loving this break from the heat and humidity, a coolish, overcast day, 
my kind of day!


  1. I thought of you on Saturday, Jackie, as Randy and I were roaming and I was sweating and miserable and he wasn't. I don't like hot and humid either.

    I, too, find days like today to be perfect. Cool enough to toss on a sweater or jacket. Kind of like my favorite season, fall.

    Someone has to love winter..., just not me.

    1. You're right...someone has to love winter :) Tomorrow is suppose to be coolish again then back to the heat and humidity. Wish I didnt have to work tomorrow :(

  2. I agree with you on the humidity piece. I dislike the makeup melt and hair implications of humidity:(

  3. Cleaning the house in the cool breeze and blowing the circuit breaker as I'm trying to vacuum.

    1. Oh mom....dumb circuit breakers, that just shouldnt happen!!!

  4. Anonymous6:28 PM


    1. and tomorrow....even better :)