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Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Our most favorite place ever

On a recent visit to Walker MN we took a little side trip about 25 miles south 
to Hubbard county where lies  Pine Haven Christian Assembly on Long lake. 
The Lodge
It's a piece of heaven on earth, such a beautiful, serene setting for a church camp. 
My Husband grew up going to church camp here, as did all three of our children. 
Our two oldest chose to be baptized in Long lake.
Our family has many wonderful memories as we spent 20 years 
vacationing here with several families from our church. 
During our particular week at Pine Haven (3rd week of August), 
there were no camps being held, so we basically were allowed to use the facility
 and all that goes with it. My three kids were able to share in this week with there friends and cousins..... Aug 1999
It was the best week of the year for 20 + years!
 Rick and I walked around the camp, we reminisced and talked with
 a few friends that were up either as part of the staff or
just visiting as well. It's quite possible that our grandchildren will be
 attending camps here...a 3rd generation. I love that.

The Chapel (photo from 2011)
 The oaks were starting their change

 Just 4 miles north of camp is Park Rapid, a beautiful little town, which also 
holds many memories for our family including the fun trips to the candy stores.
On this day only one of the candy stores were open, it was busy place. 
It was very tempting to grab a handful of this carmel corn made fresh
 in the candy store, but I restrained myself  :)
Downtown Park rapids  
The sidewalks have these little mosaics of all the lakes in the area,
 this one is Long Lake...our lake!


  1. Anonymous8:41 AM

    I spy a quilt in that mosaic!!!!! I so love lake baptisms (DH and mine were in a friend's creek). The log lodge is totally dreamy and so appropriate. Glad you could spend some time there between their scheduled camps.

    1. It's just the most wonderful place!

  2. What a wonderful, peaceful place to build family memories. I can see why you love it so.

    1. We had to give our week up about three years ago... we miss it! So many amazing memories!

  3. Thanks so much for sharing this little trip with us. Your photos are just beautiful Jackie and I love how you capture so much "emotion" in them. What a special camp, I'm so glad that you can share this with your family. It looks very calm and serene. The little wooden sailboat is so pretty, and your shoes are adorable. That caramel corn looks delish!

    1. Thanks Rachel, every photo spurs on a sweet memory! I had all I could do not to grab a handful of that caramel corn!...oh and the smell, yum :)