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Sunday, September 21, 2014

Ethnic Festival, Walker....Part two

While Rick and I were wandering the streets of Walker last Friday evening, 
we noticed posters in the store windows advertising an Ethnic Festival the next day.
 There would be vendors selling their goods, a parade and 
ethnic foods in the park....SCORE!!!
 Something fun to look forward to while we were visiting this little community 
We listened to this Ojibwe Indian as he gave a presentation
 and played some beautiful tunes on his flute. 
The Ojibwe bands moved into the region during the mid-to-late 1700's.
The reservation is SE of Bemidji with Walker just outside on the SW corner.

The Vendors...

 Beautiful handmade goods

 Working on her craft

Hand painted window hangings

 Loved this dress

Couldn't resist this photo, 
their mama was selling baked goods and was close by

My social butterfly (Left) striking up a conversation with
 a guy selling Djembe's (african drum)

The parade ...

Off with the hat...
I love how there is still respect when the national anthem is being sung!

 I'm half Norwegian so I especially liked this float...
"Eat Lots of Lefse" I love Lefse!

 The elderly showing they can still play a good tune!

 Oh, I just loved this beautiful sweater,
(and her cute little over the shoulder bag)

These long wooden horns produced a beautiful sound...they stopped right in front of us to play. 
Does anyone know what ethnicity this represents?   Danish perhaps?

 Pow-wow float
This little guy was quite proud of his heritage, his dancing showed it!
 More dancing

Did I mention there was food.....

 Rick and I shared a Gyro, It was delicious
We decided that it was a big partaking to eat this messy morsel, 
so we sat down with a fork at a near by picnic table and visited with some locals 
while we enjoyed our lunch.


  1. Looks like fun! I have to know...how did those women carry those l-o-n-g horns through the parade???

    1. Well Jen, I cant remember? I feel like they just picked them up form the big end and carried them that way.

  2. You really scored on being in town during this festival. I would have loved this. The arts, culture, colors, everything. You got some really sweet shots, too, with interesting perspectives.

    I believe those are alphorns from Switzerland.

    1. It was pretty sweet Audrey :) I know you would have loved it....they do it every fall!

  3. Cool Mom! How fun to be there while that was going on. Love your pictures as usual :)

    1. Thanks Brie...It was an added bonus to our weekend get-away