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Thursday, December 11, 2014

Road trippin

 I always take the 2nd week of December off.
 I enjoy having a week to get ready for Christmas, but one of my favorite things to do is to 
head up to Champlin MN to spend a day with my sister. 
We shop and eat and just enjoy having some quality time together. 
Me and my sis at my favorite restaurant, Granite City
I stay the night and then the whole next day I have to spend it as I wish....

This year I decided to hit the road and visit the sweet little town of Stillwater, Mn. 
I decided to focus on the beautiful homes in Historic Stillwater, 
so much character, color and dimension in these beauties...

 I love the clash of the yellow with the red roof

 So much detail... hard to capture it all from a distance. 

 Love, love the details of this home, from the porch to the hand painted sections,
 and look at those shingles....sweet!

Love the stone wall in front of this classic.
 Notice the cute little white addition that comes off the back of this house.

 The colors... the cute little windows way up high,
 the red pin-stripe near the roof and the porch... I want!

 The arches, stone foundation, so many lines  and bump-outs...love this one too.... i cant decide which one I want the most  :)

 Ann Beam Mansion, Bed & Breakfast

Ditto....Love it

 I could go on and on.... But I need to stop the madness at some point.

I've included a few bonus shots from my visit to Stillwater...

Minnesota Zephyr
The Stillwater City Council has given Minnesota Zephyr dinner train ower Dave P. 45 days to remove two abandoned Locomotives from his property.... See Article here

Yummy candy store, yes I went in, and yes I bought lots of taffy

Cool painting on the side of a building

 Oops.... forgot a row   :)

Hoar frost... it was everywhere 
 did you all see it ? 
~ ~ ~
I was also able to squeak a visit in with my sister-in-law Michelle, who lives just outside of Stillwater. We had a nice visit, and I got to enjoy a bowl of her yummy home made soup and warm biscuits, right out of the oven...Thanks Michelle   :)


  1. Love the pics! So glad you got a fun couple days with your sis and some alone time to explore. Also, bonus that you got to see Michelle and have a yummy lunch with her! I need to go to Granite City again some day, I think I've only been once!

    1. I always look forward to my visit in December!

  2. I like all the pretty homes.

  3. I do love Stillwater and went there often before moving from the Metro area. I do hope that a suitable "home" is found for the Zepher.....that's been on-going for quite a while!!!! Your "sis visit" is truly a special time! Thanks so much for the photos.....some of those have been my choices over the years but I always have the 'reality check" of "I wonder how much it costs to heat?" or just maintain (it's one of those "if you have to ask, you can't afford it" situations!!! LOL!!!!).

    1. I could really see myself in one of these old houses, but i bet they do cost a "pretty penny" :)

  4. What a wonderful get-away.

    I've never explored Stillwater, only been through the downtown, which rates as way too crazy busy for me with all of the traffic. But this exploration of historic neighborhoods would suit me. I would take any of the homes you photographed, but especially like number two. Thanks for the lovely tour. I love old homes as much as you.

    1. Weekends and "summer" are always very busy Audrey. You and Randy should try during the weekdays...very quiet! I'm sure there are many many more mansion-like homes that I didnt see, it's such a beautiful River town!

  5. Brian loves Stillwater and likes to take a visit every summer. We even looked at buying a house there many years ago. Such a pretty little place. I'm so glad that you could spend some time with your family and enjoy a day away Jackie.