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Saturday, December 20, 2014

Memories came flooding back...

I needed to run out to Mom & Dad's today, 
to take care of some "Christmas business"

Little did I know I would be helping decorate the Christmas tree... 
Memories came flooding back as I watched Dad unwrap 
the same "old" glass ornaments that we used to hang on the tree as children. 
Mom, supervises as Dad unwraps tissues from each bulb,
 being careful not to break  them.
Mom says some of these are over 50 years old

 And then there's the star, oh that star. 
The very star we put atop our tree all the years while growing up at home. 
Amazingly it still works, at first a solids light, then after a few minutes it begins to blink. 
If you look close you can see that glitter still clings to the outer edges of the star.

Such pretty little bulb ornaments, It's hard to see the dimension in the photo, if you look close you can see that gold area in the center is indented. The paint has worn off through years of being handled.

Mom & Dad putting on the star

Sorry for the blurry photo
Dad still brings home a "real tree", he picked out another beauty this year
Our finished product... That's for the memories Mom & Dad  :)


  1. So cool that you got to do that with them and have fun memories :) Love those bulbs and that they, and the star, have so much history. Gran told me today that Randy has 'claimed' the star.... I'm sure they loved having you there.

    1. Of course Randy gets the star....he gets everything, ha ha. Brianna I expect that you will be at our house when dad and I are in our 70's helping to decorate the tree :)

  2. It was fun to have you here helping. The texting that went on was so funny.

    1. Yes mom the bantering (texting) between Randy and I was quite comical :)

  3. Sweet..................................

  4. Oh, I love those old holiday ornaments. I have a few from my childhood, but not many. What a lovely post.

    1. The old old ornaments have such character, they are surely "care worn"