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Thursday, June 25, 2015

A sight to behold...

Cecropia Moth

The neighbors were out looking up at their tree tonight, just looking and looking, 
pointing and taking pictures with their phone camera.
I couldn't stand it any longer.... so I had to walk over to see what all the ruckus was about.

I grabbed my Sony A33, walked across the street to see what all the gazing was about.
It was photo worthy! 
Home I went to research this giant moth, this is what I found out about this beauty....
"She" is one of the largest moths in North America, also referred to as a "Robin Moth". 
Her wing span can be as large as 6 inches.  
She looked to be about 3 inches long, about 2 inches wide.... quite a sight!!! 
She will only live about 2 weeks, She does not eat and her purpose is to mate and lay eggs.

Excerpt from an internet article... "because a cecropia moth is colorful as well as large, when you do see one for the first time you will remember it forever!  
I agree!!! 


  1. I'm glad that all the moths are not that ugly. I have never seen one like that. Must be a new breed.

    1. I thought it was kind pretty mom. The coloring are beautiful, but deep down inside I think they are kind of nasty!

  2. Jackie, your image is worthy of publication in a nature magazine or book. When I was a kid, we had one of these on the farm and it died and we kept it in a box and, oh, how I admired this beauty.

    1. Well thank you Audrey, she sat there so pretty for me while I took her picture :) I think I remember seeing them as a kid, in the caterpillar stage. Big fat juicy worms that were lime green with dots of color on them.