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Thursday, June 18, 2015

Milwaukee.... Big city roadtrip (Part One)

Rick and I often find ourselves taking little road trips in the country.
We enjoy the quiet, tranquil easy-paced drives on the back roads of rural Minnesota. 
But sometimes ....
 I get ants in my pants and want to visit the "Big City", this time it was Milwaukee.

Why, you might say???
 Well, we have never been there, we like the Big Lakes,
 this time Lake Michigan and a bonus...
 we were able to take our  Hemmer niece's and nephews out to dinner... 
more on that in a post to come.

 These roads always get my heart racing, underpasses and overpasses everywhere!

 It didn't take us long to check into our hotel and find a beach 

 A little chilly for swimming, but lovely all the same.

 Rick stood in line for a mid-day snack at this cute little food stand on the beach.

Of course we explored the area and found this little gem,
North Point Light house

 One morning we had us a morning walk by the ocean, lake :)
 The Marina, looking back at Milwaukee.

 Loved this "Pirate ship", I was kind of wishing it had it's sails up.

 Another look back at the city.

 Sailboats were everywhere.

Rick and I had a bird's-eye-view of this beach. 
The depth perception isn't the same in a photograph but believe me it was way down there!
 Several flights of stairs would get you down to it, but with a knee pending surgery, 
I thought it best not to try.

Too many photo's for one blog post so I'll be back with more on this beautiful city.


  1. Milwaukee is actually on my list of cities I'd like to visit. Friends tell us there's a fabulous art museum by the lake. Looking forward to your future posts.

    1. We did see the Art Museum, but didnt go in, looked like they were setting up for a big arts festival. Two days was not enough to see all that one should see, but we did have fun and visited a few sites.

  2. Looks like a nice trip. Very pretty pictures.

    1. Too short, should have planned for another day or so. But it was fun and we still did plenty :)

  3. Pretty pics! Looks like a fun little adventure!

    1. Fun, it was Brie.... more to come :)

  4. How fun, I've heard Milwaukee is a fun city to visit:)

    1. It was pretty sweet Jen :)