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Monday, June 08, 2015

Part Two... Up North

If we are gonna be up in Park Rapids we might as well visit Walker too!

Walker and Leech Lake go together. 
It's great little town that sits on the edge of a gigantic lake.
Rick and I spent last Sunday in Walker, walking the streets, shopping the shops...  

...then parking our lawn chairs on the shore in the city park.
Ahhhh, so relaxing

A little ways from where we were sitting there was lots of action,
we watched the boats race in with their catch's for the day. 
The fishermen were competing in a fishing contest, with a 40,000 dollar purse.

This guy was hoping for some food...no such luck buddy!

Had my "zoom lens" on and caught this beauty flying overhead.

This loon was really putting on a show for us, he was cleaning his feathers...
and just swimming by, minding his own business

You can only read for so long...nap time  :)

 after a nap, it's time for a little Mexican food
Good stuff  :)


  1. What a fun little town showcased in some wonderful shots. I could use a vacation like this.

    1. It's been a week.... I could use another vacation too :)