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Friday, June 05, 2015

Part one, Up North

Last weekend Rick and I took a little road trip up north, 
to one of our favorite little towns ....
Park Rapids, MN
A town near and dear to our hearts!
 As a child, Rick attended a church camp about 4 miles down the road from P.R. 
All three of our kids attended that same camp through their junior year in high school .
Our family vacationed here for about 20 years as the kids were growing up . 
We love the area and the cute little town, which is full of character.

I about had a heart attack when we saw this "Caribou Coffee" as we were driving into town.
 As some of you may know I'm a big fan of Caribou, so this was a big deal, 
It's not often you see this coffee shop north of the Twin Cities.
So BONUS for me  :)

 An evening walk along the storefronts... 
All cars from the center street parking are long gone for the night,
the Ben Franklin store has been a staple for as long as I can remember.

You cant go to park Rapids without stopping for taffy at the candy store.

We have never been to the park theater, so we decided to attend a late showing on Sunday night... we were sad to find out they only had a 7pm showing on Sundays,
Still haven't seen a movie a the Park Theater  :(

 Fishhook lake's beautiful reflections

 just the bridge

 Bicycle sculpture

Momma duck and her little ones 
making waves across a very calm lake 

Crystal clear 


More to come on our little get-away....


  1. That is a pretty little town and some nice sightseeing.

    1. It is a pretty little town for sure. Lots of art and small town America to appreciate :)

  2. I definitely must trek up to Park Rapids sometime. I received an honorable mention for my creative nonfiction in a contest up there and the editors have been hinting that I really need to come up for the book debut. The past several years, when I've also placed for poetry and fiction, I've had something scheduled and not been able to make it. You are convincing me.

    1. Well we love this little town....it is little but artsy and beautiful!