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Wednesday, September 09, 2015

This is such a cool place....

The kids are back in school, which is usually a sign that summer is coming to an end! 
My summer was kind of uneventful! 
Anything that involved walking any distance at all was pretty much out to the question. 
So no fun excursions, hiking, walks, the fair, etc...
 all because of my knee surgery.

I did get one fun mini-trip out of the summer.
The beginning of September I finally got the o.k. to ditch the crutches, 
so my daughter and grandkids and I ventured off 
to a fun park/zoo/farm in Mankato called Sibley Farm .

 I heard about this amazing park, through my friend Audreys blog, Check it out here.

We got to Mankato about lunch time, 
I thought it would be fun to go to the Mall's food court where there is
 a very cool carousel (the kids rode twice).
I wish I would have taken a photo from further away, 
there are lot's of fun animals to pick from...
but Carson chose "the bench" for both rides. 
Silly boy!

After a good lunch, it was off to the park we go.
Carson driving the tractor,
if you look really close you can see Audrey inside the tractor.

Pigs... not real  :)

another fun tractor to climb on

fun on the slide

 a climbing area that looks like corn stalks

The animals on Sibley Farm include 
alpacas, calves, goats, horses, pigs, lambs, & chicks.
Carson was feeding the sheep here.

The only down-fall was the extreme heat, it was a 90+ day, UGH
cooling the kids off 
then off they go for some more fun

Posing on the cow on our way out of the park.

I highly recommend this fun Park for a daytime excursion, 
lots of things to play on, animals to pet & feed and some paths 
to walk on, adorned with beautiful gardens 


  1. Whew, so glad you enjoyed Sibley Park as much (and probably more) than we did. I didn't notice that kids could climb inside the tractor. Sweet. Also, no "real pigs" when we were there.

    It's a beautiful park. Did you notice the poems posted as part of the Mankato Poetry Walk & Ride?

    That merry-go-round was a bonus.

    What a fun day.

    Have you taken the grandkids to Lark Toys by Kellogg? Randy and I were there last week while on a mini overnight get-away. You (they) would love it. Just bring your money. Merry-go-round there, too, and a mega toy store plus bookstore, candy shop and displays of old toys. Love!

    1. Yes it was a blast despite the heat and humidity. The pigs were just babies and kind of tucked away from the traffic area of the barn. Yes we have had the kids to Lark's, although Carson was pretty little. It would be fun to take him again... maybe soon :)

  2. The Diabetes Walk my family did last October and will do again next month is at Sibley Park. Such a cute place:)

    1. It is a "cute place" indeed.