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Saturday, September 19, 2015

Dreams really do come true....Were not in Kansas anymore toto.

It happened this summer.....

We both grew up vacationing on northern MN Lakes. 
Rick's family stayed at a resort called Hawkeye Haven
The original sign that hung on the little store at the resort

The resort was located on Long Lake, in Hubbard township, 
just 4 miles south of Park Rapids MN
He vacationed with his Maternal grandparent and has many fond memories of vacations spent together.
Without getting too detailed, the resort was eventually sold off, cabin by cabin. 
Rick has always dreamed of owning a cabin on Long Lake, so this spring as the topic came up again,
 I took him by surprise and encouraged his to pursue his dream. 
My words to him were something like this...
"Rick, lets just do it...lets not be those people who turn old and gray and say to ourselves,
 why didn't we just do it", I saw the sparkle in his eye, and so the search began...

The main Cabin at Hawkeye Haven went up for sale this summer and as folks around the area 
got wind that we were looking, we started getting emails telling us that it's for sale.
Some of or Rochester friends that also have cabins on the Lake were eager for us to take a look.

* side note...
Just down the lake a bit sits a Christian Church camp, (Pine Haven) that Rick attended through 11th grade, all of our kids attended camp there as well and for 20+ years our family, along with several families from our church spent a week at the camp for our summer vacation. 
During this week there was no organized camp going on and the staff was off that week, 
so we had the facility to ourselves... It was amazing!
You might guess from all these memories that this is a special place for Rick, I and our kids.

and so.....
 We came up in July to look at an A-frame cabin that we had seen once before on a previous trip. We came prepared to buy it, but after looking at it for the 2nd time, we decided it wasn't the cabin for us.  We were disappointed but decided there would be another cabin for us, we would be patient....  

Just for the fun of it we drove over to the Hawkeye cabin that we knew was for sale, 
we didn't even want to hope that this cabin could be ours.... 
the owner, was asking too much for this little gem on the water.

On the right of the cabin is a little access road to the lake, we parked there just to gaze at the lake. Within a few minutes the owner of the Hawkeye cabin was tapping at our window.
 Dick is a retired minister, He and his wife are looking to sell and move closer to their children in Illinois. He was so friendly and asked us in to have a look at his
 beloved cabin that had been his for nearly 30 years. 

After much prayer, and negotiation the rest is history...
Our dream came true,
as of Tuesday September 15, 2015
Rick and I are the new owners of a beautiful cabin on our beloved Long Lake.

Prayers were answered, 
we are blessed! 
We are looking forward to making memories and sharing our dream with family and friends

Yes the boat came with it  :)

Stay tuned for more on our week at the cabin....


  1. Fav. blog post ever! Just so excited for you two (and us! haha) It's a dream come true, I mean really...Hawkeye Haven? You couldn't have wrote this story out better if you had tried. PS: LOVE LOVE LOVE the original sign, how special! That needs to go up somewhere, or maybe it already is. Can't wait to come up!

    1. Thanks sweet girl, Cant wait to start makin' more family memories.

  2. I've been waiting for you to blog about this. Congratulations on achieving a dream. This looks like a lovely cabin in an absolutely beautiful setting. BTW, I was supposed to be in the Park Rapids area this weekend for a book release party. The editor has been "after me" for years to attend, especially since I've earned several placings (honorable mention this year for creative nonfiction) and should be there to read. So maybe next year we can come for the book release and visit you. I am so delighted for you and Rick, dear Jackie.

    1. Lets plan on it Audrey, you and Randy can stay with us. Hopefully the timing can work out....that will have to be determined :)

    2. That would be fun, really fun, to spend more time with you and Rick. We'll talk about it late next summer, when we both know better what our schedules are. Maybe it will work, maybe not. Thank you for the offer.

    3. Rick and I were talking yesterday about how fun it would be to have you there....anytime!

  3. Jackie, this is AWESOME!! Where is it in proximity to PHCA? I'm so excited for you guys!

    1. Jac' it's on the Chippewa loop, down the lake from John & Dot C. Not far from camp at all :)

  4. Jen & I want to officially get on the "friend" list with our kiddos :).