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Thursday, September 24, 2015

So we began to learn how we do cabin life....

No TV,
 No internet,
 minimal phone service...
 imagine that!
It's a good thing but I wont lie, it takes some getting used to.
We had just that scenario last week when Rick and I 
spent our first days at our new cabin.

It's a good thing! 
We talked a lot more, we spent more time together, 
and we also found ourselves repeating this sentence a lot... 
"can you believe we have a cabin"?
We'd both get big smiles and just shake our heads.
(still hard to believe)

So we began to learn how we do cabin life....

 500 rummy, 
it used to be our favorite card game, but hadn't played it for years.

 Rick can finally use his kayak more than once a year

I love to fish, but haven't for years....
now I have a reason to fish again...

 and Rick can untangle my fishing line.... that's another story.

I used to hate puzzles, they gave me a headache!
 We finished this one in a day.
It was fun working it together, it's quite addicting! 

We took turns making each other lunch.

 Did I mention there is a new "Caribou Coffee" in town?
I'm proud of myself for only going in for a latte twice during our week stay at the cabin. 
I used my time there to catch up on e-mail and see what friends and family were up to.
 I was also able to post some photo's of the fun we were having.

 We went to a saw mill, so Rick could get a couple of logs for a project.

More games.... every night!

and of course there's the boat rides...
You gotta have boat rides  :) 

We hope the cabin will be a place we can come without the distraction of TV and internet. 
A place for family and friends to gather, make memories,  have good conversations and
 entertain the good old fashion way.

Disclaimer: There may have to be special occasions for the TV... for instance if the 
Vikings go to the Super Bowl or the Twins to the World series !!!
Rainy days could warrant movie-watching.... 
No hard and fast rules, we're just gonna wing-it and see how it all plays out  :)


  1. Sounds (and looks) fabulous!!! Amazing how the time we used to spend with devices become more enjoyable when filled with people!!!!!!! LOL!!!!!

  2. I agree Doreen... spending time with people sounds way better!

  3. You are sliding into cabin life with remarkable ease, as if this was always meant to be. I can read your peace and happiness in your words, see the contentment and fun in your photos. I am delighted for you and Rick, Jackie.

    1. It's pretty sweet, we are learning to love the quiet!

  4. This sounds like heaven Jackie. What a wonderful way, to literally get away from the hustle and bustle of life. I'm so happy for you both and can't wait to hear more. Enjoy!

    1. Thanks Rachel, it's a dream come true....we have been blessed with this beauty on the lake.