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Tuesday, September 29, 2015

What we've been up to....

Buying a cabin in the fall means get up there as much as possible to still enjoy it this year!
So that's what we are doing.... we are enjoying it.
We were home a week before heading back up this last Saturday. 

We have witnessed Gods's amazing beauty and wonders 
Morning fog on the lake, Cool air meets warm(er) water.

Then there was the blood moon over the lake.....amazing

 We sat out on the dock and gazed at the full moon as well.

Aside from just sitting around enjoying the beauty all around us, we've had some fun 
with chores and project around the cabin as well.

I finally got the shrubs manicured... much better! 
We also got the yard mowed and a bunch of pine needles raked up, 
thanks to our friend John for helping with his mamoth leaf blower!

 Rick finished up a railing project he made for the loft to keep those grandkids safe. 
We love the finished project!
 Our friend from Rochester (Joe) came over with his truck equipped with tools 
for cutting an angle on the logs. 
Joe is a carpenter by trade and has a cabin just a wee bit down the road form our cabin.

 I'm finding ways to use my time!

Boat rides with this guy and fishing off the dock has been relaxing, and occurs most days.

We are looking forward to our kids and grands 
making their way up here this weekend (starting today).
 Cant wait to share this with them, the memories are just waiting to be made.


  1. Looks amazing you guys. Have a wonderful weekend with the kids.

    1. Thanks Julie, we had a great time with the kids and grands, it all went too fast :)

  2. Have fun with the family this weekend.

  3. What incredibly beauty you guys are experiencing up there! You are going to make so many wonderful memories with your family. I love the changes you are making to make it your home. Have a wonderful time with your family! I can't wait to see and hear more.

    1. Thanks rachel ,we are having fun soaking everything in. It's so great to have all the kids and grands here!

  4. We had so much fun! It's just the best!