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Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Christmas 2015... a billion photo's of our celebrations. (Enter at your own risk)

 Round # 1 took place at Mom & Dad as it does every year, 
in the home that I grew up in 5 miles South of Rochester.
Presents line the area around the tree.
It was the "in-law" year for some of the families this year so
  we are missing 5 of the grands and great-grands in this photo.
 My youngest, and my SIL checking out the presents
My brothers have always been good to strike up conversations with the little ones.  
 and then there's the food
1st and 2nd generation of cousins, it's so fun to see them interact!
 My dad's annual "cookie passing" as we start to open presents.
Little Carson sitting in Great grandma's lap
My Niece Jenson checking out Carsons new toy
 My boys, and sweet granddaughter
She's starting to get into opening presents
 My Rick and Audrey
 My 3.... I love them
 My other 3.... i love them
After our time at my parents, we move back to our house 
for our little family-unit Christmas celebration
 Here we all are, minus me... I'm the one behind the camers  :)
I love watching and snapping photo's to ensure these memories last forever.
Sweet Scarlett wanted to get up by "Ba-Pah"
  I LOVE how Gavin has such a sweet relationship with his nieces and nephews.
Here Gavin & Carson are chillin, and I think Carson is driving a car on Gavin's face.
 "grandma, I always wanted this"  ~ Audrey
The big meal at mom's is wearing off... time for some more chow
Pizza  burgers always works for the Hemmer's

Day 2... Hemmer side celebration
You'll have to pardon the blurry photo's. I for got my Sony...drats
Pictures taken by my phone in low light... not conducive to great quality photo's
 Rick's Parents, hanging out with the grands and a Great-grand
Time for another feast 
Passing out gifts for the little ones
Great grandma Joanne is holding her newest great grandson Leo, while daddy Michael looks on.

It was another fun year of celebration, a time for family, bonding, and memories,  but most of all  a time for celebrating the birth of our Lord Jesus Christ.
I hope you all had a blessed Christmas with special memories with your own familes.


  1. Great job on the pictures Jackie.

  2. Oh, Jackie, I just love these precious family Christmas photos. The love shows in every one. Your "boys" could be twins they look so much alike. Audrey looks just like her mama. And when did Scarlett grow up so fast? Thanks for sharing your beautiful family with us.

    1. Thanks for your kind words Audrey, I think as the boys get older they do look more alike although Gavin(the younger) is much bigger than Brice, and resembles my side of the family. Yes Audrey is starting to look like her mamma, and Scarlett is growing way to fast. It was so nice having them stay with us for 2 nights... I miss the pitter-patter of little feet.

  3. I'm a little late to see this blog, but it was super fun to look through on my boring night shift! Love all the pics! I just love our family :)