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Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Ringing the bell

Last Saturday Rick and I had two of our grands while their
Mommy & Daddy went out on a date....

What to do.... what to do...
I thought it would be fun to bring the kids with us to ring the bells for
Salvation Army.

There was one slot left at Walmart North from 7-8 pm, Perfect!!!
So we bundled up, threw on our "Santa hats" and off to ring the bells we went.

These two where the cutest little bell ringers, 
seems like people flocked to add money to the red bucket.
One lady even said, "I need to go to my car, I"ll be right back"
She returned with a hand full of change and a $5 bill for A & C
The kids decided to put the $5 in the Red bucket "for people who don't have as much"
Rick and I had such a good time with these two.
Such big hearts!

She was really into it..... She's got the moves!

 Me and the kids
Rick and the kids

We hope to continue this as a tradition each year. Such an awesome way to serve others 
during the Christmas season.


  1. I just love that you all did this, they are the cutest little bell ringers :) I adore Audrey's dance, especially when she does the knocking her knees together part :) Thank you for enriching their lives! :)

    1. Apparently I did it once with you kids(ask Brice)....lame mom! It was a fun night to share with the babies!!!

  2. Jackie, I am so glad that you and Rick did this with the kids and that you intend to make this an annual tradition. What a great way to teach them about giving to and serving others.

    I am 100 percent certain you had even more donors because of the kid cuteness factor.

    BTW, the Santa hat you are wearing is the exact same one I wear when ringing bells. Imagine that.

    Merry CHRISTmas, my friend!

    1. It was a blast, at one point the kids were sitting on a bench inside the door, and Rick & I were ringing alone.... the cash flow took a dive without the kids there, Ha ha. I was thrilled to get the hats at Menards for 30% off, about $2.33 a piece. You and I have good taste :)