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Wednesday, April 13, 2016

A pretty cool sculpture park

 Pappajohn Sculpture Park

 A 4.4 Acre sculpture park located as an entrance to downtown Des Moines. 
Open in 2009 the park features 28 works of art. 
These unique pieces are scattered around the (pedestrian friendly) park.
Rick and I wandered around the park enjoying this beautiful 70 degree day
 I've featured a few of my favorties below. 
You can click on the link below the photo to read more on each piece of art.

Rick and I saw another similar sculpture by this artist in Milwaukee.
Close up,  this sculpture is made of 6 tons on steel.

 Untitled (Three dancing figures)

 You can visit this website to see all the sculptures

After the sculpture park we drove a short distance to Des Moines Botanical Gardens. 
 Being the time of year it is.... there wasn't much to see in the outside gardens,
 but inside the glass dome was incredible. 
Below I've posted just a few of my favorite photo's

 Papaya tree
 It was HOT and sort of HUMID inside the dome.
I hate humidity, just ask my husband who puts up with my complaints often in the summer months
These conditions are the reason I love fall and winter.

 Bamboo trees, 
Rick's first pole vaulting pole was made out of bamboo....just a few years ago  :)

Thanks for following along on our road trip to Des Moines.
 It's a beautiful city with plenty to see and lots to do. 
Something tells be we'll be back.