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Tuesday, April 19, 2016

How can this be.... she's 7

7 years old, how can this be?
When ever my grand babies have a birthday
I usually gets pretty sentimental and I start to Reminisce
 with photo's from the years as they've grown...

from babies ...

  to toddlers  ...

 to little girls ...

 to where they are now. 

For my oldest, "Jo Jo" as I fondly call her, her age is getting away from us...
She's at that in-between stage of little and older (if that makes any sense).
 Audrey has entered that age where school, friends and activities are keeping her busy.
 NOT too busy for grandma and grandpa mind you, no she's not there yet, and I don't think 
she ever will be too busy for us, I just know things will change a bit. 

She will always be the one who made us "Grandpa & Grandpa" first

She owns a piece of our hearts!

 A radiant beauty you are Audrey Jo, 
beautiful inside and out.
Full of expression and wonder.

 Always a keen sense of style
 Her own style for daddy's softball games.
Aunt Jenny's got you stylin' for the beach
Yep.... you know you look good!

I love your care free spirit

and your imagination.

I love how you love being with your Auntie and Uncles..... they love you too!
Your little cousin and brother think you're pretty cool too!

 HAPPY 7th BIRTHDAY little miss,

We Love you so much and look forward to 
watching you grow for many years to come.

~ Grandma


  1. Happy birthday, dear sweet Audrey! You are beautiful, inside and out. I know that first hand from the bracelet you gave me the first time we met.

    Jackie, the words you wrote here, the photos you posted, show your deep love for this precious little girl. How blessed she is to have you as her grandma, to be a part of your entire family.

    1. Thanks Audrey, You now know the love that is immediate the minute a grandchild is born. She is pretty special, and yes I love her deeply.

  2. She is breathtakingly beautiful.

    1. Thanks Jac', I think so too :)