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Tuesday, August 16, 2016

A re-do at the cabin

 Written from a grandma's heart....

This weekend we were able to have a Re-do.....
 Brianna, Audrey and Carson joined Rick and I at the cabin for some new memories!
We were not about to let Type 1 diabetes steal his (our) joy!!!
A happy thriving boy, who loves to be on the boat...

...but would rather be driving. 
This little guy is a nut on the boat,
 he loves to steer on open water and even makes (little boy) sound- effects when he
 turns suddenly to the left or right.
He loved swimming and playing with us in the water.
 we played lots of games and puzzles
Just barely 4 and he plays "Sorry" like a boss....he is one smart boy!

Carson is a joy, he is strong, brave, smart 
and he's kicking diabetes in the butt!!!
In 6 short weeks...
*He can tell his mom & dad when he feels "low"
*He asks about how sugar is in the food he's eating,
 he's even starting to say, "how many carbs is this"
*He has let Grandpa & Grandma do blood sugar checks.
Side note... No grandpa and grandma should ever have to poke their grandbabies, 
but we do it out of love, and wanting to be part of his life no matter what!
*He no longer cries when he gets his insulin injections
* He's all BOY! 
We accomplished the re-do with so many GOOD memories at the cabin! 

We are all learning together how to help Carson live with this disease, 
short of a miracle it is not going away.
I choose to pray for that miracle... that there will be a cure for diabetes!
  We have that hope in Jesus, He alone is can cure Carson because He is a God of miracles!

Type 1 Diabetes sucks, and I'm still mad about it! Sigh, deep breaths....

 It is a 24/7 disease that not only Carson lives with but 
so do his amazing mom, dad and sister.
They are the super stars, and we are so proud of them!


  1. I can only imagine the pain you feel for little Carson. He is doing great and is owning this disease!

    1. OMG !!! This is the first time in AGES that my comment has actually worked! Hooray!

    2. Still hard to believe, and yes....painful! Glad you got your comment to work, not sure whats up with that. Always love to hear from you Cheri!

  2. Now you have me in tears...

    What a joyful authentic post overflowing with love. Thank you for sharing this re-do.

    1. Tears are quite common for this grandma, still so hard to believe this sweet little one was struck with such a horrible disease. UGH!

  3. Yay, glad the do-over trip went well! I'm so impressed with Carson's awareness of his disease!

    1. He's pretty amazing! He's doing so well and has come a long way in 6 weeks!

  4. I thought I commented on this, but never did! So glad we got our re-do trip! Thanks for always having an open inivte:) I loved seeing both kids have a blast! xoxoxo

    1. As always, love having you there!