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Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Bits and pieces from the 2nd half of summer...

 It was a good summer for the flower beds. 
 Lots of sun, plenty of rain and a little luck.
We weren't around much this summer
I was so glad mother nature took care of the plants

The second half of the summer has been a bit quieter at the cabin, but not too quiet...
The 1st week of August we enjoyed a long weekend with
 my sister Jodi, and her family
We love walking into the entry and seeing this pile of shoes  :)

We also had Brianna and the kids up for a "re-do" which I posted about Here

Back to my sis and her family...we had such a good time!

 My nephew Sam and niece Jensen kept Uncle Rick busy
 pulling them behind the boat on the tube and ski's.
(photo taken by my BIL by Darin)
Sam had never water ski'd,  he picked up on it fast!
 He was kicking off a ski and slaloming on the first day.
(Photo credit, Darin my BIL)
 Me and my sister Jodi, it was so nice to spend time with her!

Girls day in town,  a little shopping and lunch at the Minnesoda Fountain. 
 Love this photo!
 My Brother-in-law Darin took it from our dock.
It's amazing how many stars the camera picks up that we cannot see with our eyes.
Beautiful shot Darin!

Life beyond the cabin....
spending time with our sweet grands
A day at the park with Audrey and Carson
climbing the huge rock
(Taken with my phone in low light, so blurry but still so sweet).
We got to have our littlest (S) overnight last weekend
She is so fun and such a good girl. 

 Last night we had our oldest overnight before she starts school next week.
This morning we had a coffee date at Caribou...her choice

Today Carson and I had a date, he chose Barnes & Noble to play Lego's and trains.
 We also got to have ice cream (special treat)
and play-time at Grandma's house.

Rick and I will be heading up to the cabin this weekend.
We've been busy, I wouldn't change that for anything but now...
 it's time to relax, just Rick and I. 


  1. Love the update 💜 Thanks for investing in our lives the way that you do! The kids loved their special times this week!!! I'm glad you get a quiet cabin trip this week! Love you!!!

    1. I have mixed feeling about the "quiet cabin" Would much rather have family there to share with, but it will be nice to have some R & R. I can never get enough of those sweet grandbabies!!!

  2. That cabin photo though ! Wow!

  3. I know Cheri.... he even made enlargements for me :)

  4. I loved this summer collage. It's all about family. I love that.

    And that night cabin photo...wow. Glad to hear you have enlargements.

    1. Now I just need to pick the perfect frame and hang it :)

  5. Oh my goodness, that night time pic of your cabin is amazing!

  6. The night pic of the cabin is incredible!!!