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Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Because I am your mom...

These words are truth, I couldn't have said it better myself.
Did someone plagiarize me???

 Our baby left us a year ago this month.
Yep we have officially survived a solid year of being alone
Just he two of us   i.e empty nesters.

Our middle boy left us almost 7 years ago for this lovely lady

Our oldest left us almost 10 years ago for this handsome dude.
 Oh, dont feel sad for us,
(even though my mama heart yearns for all of them to be home with me so that I can take care of their every need, help them make decision that I feel are best for them,
wipe away their tears and buy their underwear).

I know , I know .... 
You did what you were suppose to do, you raised them the best you knew how,
 now they have to go and live their own life... yada yada yada

My 3 grown adult babies kids
My heart is split three ways and its walking around outside my body.
Once a mom....always a mom!
I'm gonna be honest here, those of you in the same boat can probably relate to the "empty nest"

The things nobody tells you
You are still gonna worry about those kids of yours
and then....
they go and have kids (your grandbabies) which sets off another whole set of worries.
It's not that we don't believe that our kids will be good parents,
after all they have us as role models, RIGHT????
 It's just that, well sometimes I think that those babies are mine, I'm not gonna lie about it.

So in summary, It's been a year, since the youngest jumped
 Rick and I are surviving the empty nest.
Our kids are wonderful adults, they are pretty great
 our grands even better.

Gavin is a wonderful young man.... still single.
Brie, Chris, Brice and Jenny are great parents, they share their babies with us
 and we feel loved even though they don't live with us anymore.

It's all good... sometime us mom's just gotta say what's on her heart!


  1. You are a wonderful mom, grandma and wife! It ain't easy having our kiddos fly the nest... but it's exciting too!

    1. I was never one of those parents who couldnt wait till my kids left home. I knew you'd get it!, and yes it is exciting too.

  2. I "get it" too. Every heartfelt word of this post resonates with me. Like you, I was never one either who wanted her kids to leave home. And now they are gone-- with one currently in Japan...but only until Sept. 26.

    1. I knew you would "get it" too Audrey. Praying for a safe flight for Caleb!!!

  3. Oh the phases of motherhood! I've entered a new one too with Nora now going to preschool, even just two mornings a week, but it's still strange to think she's "on her own" for those mornings! Thankfully the transitions are gradual, because our momma hearts would explode!!!

    1. I doesn't matter what stage you are in, there is always something tuggin' at those heartstrings. :)

  4. You're so sweet and funny. I imagine I'll always feel these things too, with my kids. Don't worry too much about the grandbabies, you raised us well, we'll figure it out ☺️😍😉 I know it's impossible not to always be thinking of them because you love them so much! We love you and it's a good thing you still like us because we still really need you and always will! You're the best Mom when we were little and the best Mom when we're "adults", and an amazing grandma too! We are so lucky!

    1. Thanks sweet girl, you guys are amazing parents, but Grandma's still worry and always will. (usually about things we don't need to worry about) Ha ha, Love you!