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Monday, September 19, 2016

You should really check this out....SeptOberfest

Every fall Wabasha puts on a display of fall-like beauty all around it's town.
They call it  SeptOberfest
From September 9 - October 23rd, this quaint little river town is adorned with 
decorated Pumpkins, cornstalks, hay bales, gourds and much more, 
there is too much to mention here. 
There is musical entertainment, carriage rides, pumpkin decorating, face painting,
pony rides, a corn maze, a fun "bug" park for the kids, food and so much more.
The coolest thing is that the event is free with only a few things that ask
for a Donation, like the pony rides and face-painting and the carriage ride.
I have been wanting to go to this fall festival for many years...
These two  :)

We made it happen this year, and these three joined us to make it all the more enjoyable! 
We started out with a picnic lunch before we ventured into the festivites.

 Audrey is having her 1st ever pony ride, she loved it!

 He is such a boy!  
Carson loved bouncing through the corn maze on this little bouncy-ball  pony.
Carriage rides

The Bug park...so fun!
Audrey headfirst down the giant catepillar slide
I like these kind of spiders
This boy could have jumped all day
More adventure
Carson loves a little competition.... racing his mama here.
(guess who won)

Lots of these guys around town

Pumpkin decorating

This lady was an amazing artist, She sculptures faces into giant pumpkins
it was fun to watch her at work.

yep this is a pumpkin


A close up of the finished pumpkin sculpture.

If you think this is something you'd enjoy you still have a few weeks to check it out...
  Click on the link to checkout the website and schedules
I intend to return on a week day, later in October when the leaves are changing. 
I want to check out the 4 boutiques that are open every day through Oct. 16th,  9am - 5pm.


  1. So fun! Glad we all got to go! I need to get back to the Mississippi for fall leaves!!!!

    1. Definitely a fun day with you, dad and the kids. Maybe you and the fam should do Winona, it's so pretty there in the fall (as you well know)!

  2. I've been getting emails from the Wabasha Chamber about these events. Now you are enticing me even more to attend. Wabasha is one of my favorite Minnesota cities. Looks like you all had a great deal of fun.

    1. A lot to see Audrey, I know you would love it. I hope to return in a few weeks to explore the town and see the changing leaves... should be beautiful!

  3. Nora got to go with my parents yesterday and I plan to bring the kids on MEA:) Looking forward to it! We inadvertently ran into this event several years ago when we went to the Eagle Center. Very cool!

    1. The perfect age.... there is so much to do!