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Monday, October 03, 2016

Phase one is done...

 All that's left after the dock, boat lift and boat are out of the water.

 Last weekend our strong strappin' boys came to the cabin 
to help begin the closing-down process.
 Rick puts in his two-cents worth but these boys of ours do 
pretty good for only having done this once before.

 The best part for this momma is listening to the two of them banter back and forth as they work.

 They crack me up!

Gavin is busy taking off the side steps
It's a process and we are thankful for their eagerness to help.

Did I mention "little miss" and her mamma came too
Jenny, our DIL (Brice's wife) is in her last month of preganancy with #2!
 She is a joy and such a trooper to travel the 3 hours to our cabin.
Loved having Jennifer and 2 year old Scarlett to hang our with while the guys worked.
 Struttin' on the dock

We had plenty of down-time too....
Uncle Gavin & Scarlett out for a little stroll.

 Reading with Grandpa

 Brice surprised us and bought some brick to make a fire ring
We didn't get a chance to break it in due to wind and rain.
Cant wait for our camp fires at the cabin.

 Before we brought the boat in, we had to have a ride
 She loves the boat!

Be Still My Heart
 Just playing outside. I love this sweet granddaughter, and her cute little red cape

* * *
Things get quiet after the kids leave, 
we miss the pitter-patter of little running feet throughout the cabin, 
we miss the conversation, and just having family with us.
 So ... we keep busy, there was more to do
Rick is washing off the cover to the boat lift.

 And then there's that needles.... they are everywhere, and lots of them.

 We are blessed to have this man as our neighbor, 
John has a heart that serves and is always eager to lend a hand. 
We are grateful for John and his wife Judy who also had us over for dinner the night before...... Lovely people!!!

 Hanging up the hip-waders until next spring

One more trip up to blow out the water lines and tuck the cabin in for the winter.


  1. Everything about this post, from your guys to your Scarlett to the setting to the beauty to John just makes me smile.

  2. Thanks Audrey....me too!

  3. It is not possible for Scarlett to be ANY cuter. What an angel. Love the pics of her with Gav!

    1. Thanks Jac, She is the best!!! and she loves her "Uncle Gavin"!

  4. Such a fun trip, love the pics

    1. All that was missing was you guys :(