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Saturday, May 13, 2017

In her eyes she sees herself as an ordinary mom!

There is another meaning to the phrase "Helicopter mom".... 
The mom I'm talking about hoover's over her child day AND NIGHT because it's mandatory, 
she HAS TO so that her child stays safe and well and alive... 
She is a Carb-counting, insulin injecting, sugar checking mamma 
She's a T1D mom (type one diabetic)
This mom has to know if her child has played and exercised too much, if he is too cold in the winter or too hot in the summer, if he gets a sniffle, look out, here comes the High's and then Lows... 
Blood sugars that is.  

On Mother's Day weekend I want to honor this sweet mamma, my daughter Brianna.
 You're right, she's not my Mother, but 
she's the momma of my grandchildren Audrey and Carson. 

Carson is a happy vibrant, loving, smart, outgoing little boy, who has had to endure a lot this past year with the diagnosis of Type 1 Diabetes.
 Because of his momma (and daddy) he is well and thriving
 just like any other soon to be 5 year old
The ultimate love of a mom is to protect her babies no matter what. 
We know that God never promised life would be easy, horrible things will happen, 
even things that you prayed wouldn't  happen.
 But you always think, "that happens to other people". 
Well it happened to our sweet daughter and Son-in-love. 
God continues to hold them tight through it all!

My daughter is amazing, she has been a strong-hold for her family! 
She's On top of it all, she's brave, smart and organized, a mommy, wife and homemaker
all the while still putting in 20 hours a week as a nurse.
This sweet young momma is too humble and often too busy to realize all that she is,
 but those around her know.... YOUR ARE AMAZING BRIANNA
 In her eyes she sees herself as an ordinary mom who loves her kids and will do anything for them.
You are no ordinary mom Brianna, few mom's will ever endure the heartache of 
having a child with a illness that will not go away and needs constant attention. 
But all that aside, I know that you know Carson is a gift, 
he is perfect and lovely in every way, and he is here! 
This is your life and I know you are grateful for God's steadfast love for you and your family.
I know you are so thankful for your husband (best friend) & partner in life,  Chris! 
Together you make your little ones feel safe and loved, for this I am thankful.

Happy Mother's Day Brianna
I Love you!

Your #1 fan.... mom


  1. Awwwwww, oh Mom, you are just my #1 cheerleader, what would I do without you. You notice everything and you are so thoughtful and understanding. This is so hard, but I can never give up and I am grateful for the support from my parents :) It's a comfort to know that some one 'gets it' and understands what this is like, not just in general, but as a mother. Thank you for caring and for your sweet words. I love being encouraged, so it is a gift to me that you are an encourager. I love you!!!!!!

    1. I couldn't be prouder !

  2. Without even being in the midst of all the T1D I know, and can see that Brianna and Chris are loving and caring for those two littles in their life like rockstars! I'm just as proud of them! Love you sweet Bri! You've got this!

    1. Being the parent of a T1D is not for the faint of heart, they are doing a great job....it's hard, but they are doing it, day by day! Yes Audrey and Carson are lucky to have these amazing parents.

  3. OK, this post pushed me into tears. Jackie, this is an incredible tribute to Brianna. Bri is strong and loving and incredible. And so are you, Jackie.

    1. She is all of that and more :)

  4. Beautiful post, Jackie! Brianna truly is an amazing momma!

    1. Thanks Jen, I'm kind of partial, but even if I wasn't her mom, I'd think so :)