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Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Mothers Day weekend....

*please excuse some of the photo's that are blurred, My cell phone camera is the worst!!!

I had a whole lot of family time this weekend spending it with Rick and the ones I love the most, our Mother's, our kids, our grand babies and some extended family.
 So thankful to still have my mamma around, she suffered a small stroke a few weeks ago which gave us all a scare. She is doing well with only a few residual effects from the stroke. 
I got to spend time with her Sunday and again today.....lucky me  :)

Rick and his mom, I love this photo of them!
I'm thankful for Joanne and this wonderful man she raised.

I got to see my twin cities grands on Saturday at my nieces confirmation, 
I'm thankful for every minute I get to love on them. 
They are just the sweetest little things!

Did I mention that my grand babies have the best mamma ever.
Happy Mother's Day to my dear Daughter-in-love Jenny.
So proud of the mamma you are Jen!
Jennifer is patient, and loving and she's the perfect mamma for Scar and Lew!
We were blessed to have them up to the cabin last weekend. 
It's So much fun hanging out with this sweet family.

My oldest Boy Brice, 
I asked him if we could get an updated photo of him and I,
He happily obliged!  That was a gift to me, I don't ask for much  :)

 My husband knows me well, Dark chocolate and a sweet card

 On Mother's Day I had the "Rochester's" over for a cookout, 
after we ate we walked to the park
That's Uncle Gavin, helping Audrey up the hill on here roller blades. 

 My other set of Grands, I never tire of being with them.
They are precious little beings!

My oldest Daughter Brianna and Youngest son Gavin. 
They also Obliged me with an updated photo.
Happy Mother's Day to my sweet daughter, 
she is the perfect mamma for Carson and Audrey.
So proud of the mamma you are Brianna! 

I was gifted this cup from daughter and family, I love it....
"You Da Mom"... ha ha it's perfect!


  1. I just love seeing these family photos and reading your words of love. What a beautiful family you have, Jackie. We are blessed, aren't we? I'm thankful your mama is doing OK after her stroke.

    A belated Happy Mother's Day to you, dear friend!

  2. Thanks for your kind words, and yes... we are blessed with our lovely families.