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Saturday, August 05, 2017

When I look straight up...

Ever heard someone say," the lake is like glass"?
 This morning the lake is like glass, as it seems to be most mornings.
I wish you could see and hear my morning as I sit on my dock, 
Loons calling, birds chirping, a peace and stillness that is just part of early morning here at the lake.
Yesterday morning a little later in the morning .

Yesterday we had a Work day at the cabin.
(We don't mind work days, it's actually kind of fun)
 Rick worked on a shoreline project
 I mowed, trimmed and cut back the front bushes. 

 then sometimes I just sit and look straight up...
None of this is getting old to me guys, yep we are still pinching ourselves.

Then there's fishing, mostly off the dock, and occasionally with John on his boat.
 itty bitty, but still fun to catch these little bass, 
I don't even have to take them off the hook  :)

My sis and her family are coming up this weekend, cant wait....more to come on that.


  1. So beautiful! You are truly blessed!

  2. If you have to have a work day --- could it get any better than having a lake beside you? :)

    1. .....and only a few feet away....very handy :)

  3. This is your little piece of heaven on earth, isn't it? I can't wait to see it in mid-September.

    1. We are excited to share it with you Audrey :)