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Wednesday, August 09, 2017

Family fun at the cabin, this time with teenagers in the mix.

Rick and I love having people up to the cabin, sharing in what we've been blessed with.
This weekend we enjoyed having my sisters family....

Spending time with my sister's family at the cabin is always fun.

Teenagers in the mix gives it a new dimension.
 They are eager to be moving and grooving on the lake 
i.e. skiing, tubing, wake boarding and jet skiing

 But we found plenty of time to just "chill", 
mostly on the dock... 
talking, fishing and joking around.

 Nephew Sam, hanging out on our new airbed. 

 Our niece Jensen feeling sorry for the little sun fish she caught, 
she always fed them a piece of corn before throwing them back in the lake....sweet girl!

Me and my sister, so glad we have this time together. 

Never to big to snuggle 

My Brother-in-law Darin, surprised the kids and rented a jet ski for the day.

Our annual girls trip into town to shop and 
stop at the "Minnesoda Fountain" for a yummy Malt. 
Jensen got the cherry

 My sister having some quiet time, reading on the dock.

Love this photo that my niece Jensen took. 
She went out to talk with the loons and had some serious close-up time.

 Our first night got pretty wild playing games
So much laughter!!!

 Jensen and her Dad.... morning on the dock.
Getting ready to kayak 
 Uncle Rick makes sure she gets a good start.

 Sam and his new wake-board. 
It was fun watching him learn to use it.... kind of like snowboarding I'm told  :)

It's hard to see the summer going by so fast! August already... but still a good 10 weeks to enjoy our cabin.  Looking forward to more visits and fun, before the end of the season.


  1. The pic Jensen took with your cabin in the background is a framer!!

    1. I agree Cheri, I love that one!

  2. While I love all of these images, I like the Jensen and Dad on the dock morning image. Everything about that photo is perfect.

    It looks like Jensen is learning from her auntie with that fabulous loon image. It's well-composed and focused and just plain outstanding.

    1. Sadly Jensen photo get "grainy" real fast when you try to make it bigger, but I love it anyway.

  3. Fun times! I'm glad they'll have these memories! I am confused by the red mattress thing?

    1. It's new Brie, it's a mattress thing that you just swing through the air to fill it, then you can just lay in it on land or on water.