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Saturday, August 18, 2012

Part Two of the Hay Ride

Hadley Valley School 1855

 Moved to the History Center from NE Rochester  to preserve the building.
 It serves as an example of the pioneers desire that their 
children had an education.

 The guide was sure to line up the children (in the tour) by gender,
 just as they did back in the day.
 Blackboards...I remember those, do you?
 I love the old desks, they had us all sit down and pull out our
little individual chalkboard and reader.

We learned many neat facts about school...
the way it was then.

Old water fountain... pretty rare to have one of these

and of course....the FLAG ! 

The whole tour was a great history lesson, I love to learn about the early days, 
especially those days right here in my City.


  1. All of that I can relate too. The good old days.

  2. so cool! I like the 'Jackie was here' picture :)

  3. Glad you didn't carve your message into a desk... Love this post and the photos are gorgeous! Beautiful light and like the mix of close-up and overall scene shots.

  4. I'm with Brie! Like the blackboard with your name on it! :)

  5. SO cool! I totally need to check out the history center again...haven't been inside since I was a kid.