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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Bigfoot's stomping grounds

So yesterday, I had worked all day and got home a little hyped up and antsy.
Best way to take care of that is head for the country
I just got in the car and headed west, 

Just a bit north and straight west of Rochester, I came upon Genoa. 
I had never heard of this little place just west of Douglas, (another itty bitty town)
Genoa consisted of nothing but a few homes. 

Not far from Genoa I found my gravel road...
 that I knew would lead me to the sights and smells I love!

The animals were quite curious
Hey lady, enough gawking already! 

a weeping willow tree hanging over the road...so pretty 
crazy cat tails...is this what they do in the fall? 

Most of the fields I saw have been cut...the corn is in! 
Them hills still have some color.... muted but pretty just the same!

Saw this sign after I had drove down in a valley on some crazy winding roads. 
It was kind of in a creepy area way in "nowhere land". 
I prayed the car wouldn't break down and if it did, 
my cell phone would have reception down in this valley. 
Of course I left without telling anyone where I was headed! 
For those of you that are dying to know...
I did not see Sasquatch  :)

I did get home by sunset.


  1. Wow! What a beautiful place to be!

  2. What an interesting, albeit semi frightening for a moment there, drive. Love this post, Jackie, for the very reason that something so simple as a drive could bring you such joy. The Sasquatch Crossing sign added that little jolt of fun.

    Next time, though, maybe tell someone where you're going, just in case, ah there are any Sasquatch in the area.

  3. I love that our home is just a few miles from country with so many gravel road to explore, and hills and valleys I never knew were there! It certainly would have been a bonus to spot the Sasquatch but it was nearing dusk and I"m sure he was feeding....yikes

  4. Beautiful sunset! You should ride with me sometime...we rode thru cornfields and on bluffs yesterday.

  5. I would love to ride with you sometime Cheri....maybe next year, I need be a bit more fit :) Maybe that could inspire me to set a goal and lose some weight! UGH!

  6. Beautiful pics:)

  7. Beautiful pics Mom, you explorer you.