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Thursday, October 04, 2012

Enjoying Fall

Yesterday mom and I went on out annual Fall leaf tour,
I'm glad we did,
 a lot of those beautiful colors will be on the ground after todays big winds!

We headed south this year, 
Spring Valley, Preston, Lanesboro, Rushford, & Chatfield 
It was a lovely drive, its always fun to hang out with mom!
Did anyone else notice how vibrant the colors were this fall 
 I love when God pulls out his palette and paints
This was Sylvan Park in Lanesboro 
We stopped for lunch at the old Barn, just outside of Lanesboro, MN
I think it's the biggest barn I've ever seen, and the coolest part is that 
it smells like a barn on the inside, minus the cows and pigs  :)


  1. It was a fun day and we were interained by a couple of cows. LOL

  2. I agree that the fall colors this year are simply vibrant. We just returned from Door County and WOW, God was busy painting up there.