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Friday, October 12, 2012

"Virtual pinning"

As the website states...
"Pinterest is a virtual  pinboard"
a place where you can create collections of things you love 
and, "follow" collections created by other people. 
So many great idea's to browse... it's kind of fun and yes....
It can be addicting

Some people I've talked to say,
 "oh, I don't have time for that, I'd be on it all the time"
That's not a problem for me...
I dont spend hours on Pinterest, (like some folks do)
 Sometimes I go for days without checking it out.
I usually just browse recipes and around the home kind of things,
and I've gotten some real cool ideas!!!

This one I tackled today
Got me some supplies...

 added my own touch...

 and there you have it.... my new fall center piece!
Sunday we were invited to a Luncheon after church
a few weeks ago I had "pinned"
these little morsels on my virtual pinboard  hoping
 I would soon have an event to make them for!
Easy peasy...and oooohh so good! 

 I even made them with the FF caramel and just thinned it with 
a couple T. skim milk
Let me tell you, they went like hotcakes!
It's amazing how much they tasted like caramel apple bites.
Last weekend I tried 5 new recipes that I found on Pinterest
*No-bake Reese's krispies  - yummy
*2- ingred. Apple cake - Yummy but weird consistency
*Salted nut squares - Double yummy
*Caramel grape bites (pictured)  a hit!
*Creamy pasta ranch salad - I'd make it again.

Check it out if you haven't already, if nothing else it's something to do on a rainy day...
*Forecast tomorrow for Rochester, chance of rain & thunderstorms*


  1. Great job on the centerpiece! Looks like a dollar store vase .. so even better!

    I love the grape apps -- so yummy!

    1. Cheri, I wish I would have thought of the dollar store!, but I did get it 50% off at hobby lobby :)

  2. OK, where do I find the Reeses, salted nut and salad recipes you listed? And, just so you know, I also heard in the weather forecast that there is a chance of severe weather, including tornadoes from Texas to Minneapolis. How weird is that for October?

    1. Well Audrey you're gonna have to go to Pinterest (sign up) and search for the recipes.... if that's not an option let me know if you really want the recipe's and I'll email them to you :) As far as the weather goes, It's MInnesota, anything goes :)

  3. Love the center piece, so pretty! And I loved all those recipes that you made that i got to try, nom nom!!!!

  4. You missed the salted nut squares... they were yummy :)
    I took them to work and my co-workers gobbled them up.

  5. Love the centerpiece!

  6. Thanks Jen, i do too :)

  7. Jackie,
    I LOVE the mixed beans layer in your centerpiece! I'll remember that for one next year! Thanks so much for letting me know you made something inspired by Pinterest! Blessings...


  8. I found that bag of mixed beans and thought it would work.... I like it too. :)