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Monday, November 26, 2012

Monovison and Progressive lenses

I  visited the eye doctor two weeks ago, to see if we could figure out a better way to "see"
I recently had a birthday and my eyes are aging right along with me! 
I've worn contacts since I was 17! About 5-7 yrs ago I started to notice that it was getting a bit harder to read up close, and about 3 yrs ago I started incorporating "readers/cheaters" to help with reading. 

Now it's just getting ridiculous.... At work especially,  cheaters on to see the computer and start IV's, cheaters off to watch my patients cardiac monitors (a distance away). ON-OFF-ON-OFF it's enough to drive a person to drinking (even on who doesn't do much drinking)
Monovision is what Dr. Ty thought  I should try. I really wanted it to work!
So he reduced the strength in one contact and increased the other (one for near-sighted, one for far-sighted) Your brain is suppose to figure it out so that you can see both up-close and far away with this monovision technique.  Well I gave it a week and my old brain didn't get it.  My left eye saw a fuzzy cloud in it, but my R eye could read close up just fine, Night driving was horrible, forget about reading the signs until my car got even with them.  So back I went for a "tweeking". This week my distance is better, my night driving is better but I cant read without the cheaters, sigh!
 I think I'm back where I started. 
That being said.... I did break down and get me some Progressive Lens glasses
 (like bi-focals without the lines) 
 It's gonna take some getting used to, my first instinct is to go back to what I had, Ugh
  I return to Dr. Ty on Friday,
 I'm thinking it's back to the  cheaters hanging around my neck....Bah
I did give it a try,
I really wanted it to work, It didn't... so that's the way it goes!

I will go on from here and try not to complain and be thankful that I can see with the aid of eyewear, even if it is inconvenient... some are not so fortunate!

Stay tuned for a rather funny story that has to do with my crazy vision
" The little birdie, that wasn't"


  1. I like your new glasses!
    Hope you can work something out. I can't wear my contacts at night either .... and have overall bad night vision.

    I mostly wear my progressive lens glasses and really like them. You'll get used to them!

  2. Is it OK if I laugh at this one. Welcome to the world of aging. My best purchase, ever, in vision, was a pair of computer glasses. Otherwise I was looking above, below the bifocal line and driving myself nuts. Now I'm switching b/n computer and non-computer glasses.

    I hope you adjust. And you are right to be thankful for vision. I've worn glasses since age four. I had a lazy eye, followed by surgery. Am so thankful my parents scraped together money for the surgery of I likely would be blind in one eye.

  3. I'm bummed you didn't find something that works better! I'm glad you tried though!