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Tuesday, November 06, 2012

My yard loves Autumn

Yes... it's really THAT green!

I often mow into November, because my our yard is still healthy and growing.
I rake, fertilize, weed, and water....because I love to!
Once in awhile I let Rick mow and he's always happy to!
 Yesterday I took the mower to it and I'm just so pleased with how it looks. 
Yes I'm bragging a bit, but i love a well groomed yard and miss it when the snow fly's, 
but then again I really like Snow, so I don't miss the yard all that much.
Anyone else mowing in November?


  1. Your lawn looks fabulous. Ours is dried up and looking rather dormant. No mowing here in November. But then we (uh, I mean my husband) don't give it the TLC you clearly give yours.

    Love your beautiful home also. Such a welcoming front entry.

  2. Thanks Audrey, we built the house in Dec of 1987 and sodded the yard in the Spring of 88, so I've been babying it for many many years. It's a fun and rewarding hobby!

  3. So prettttttty!!!!

  4. Very pretty. You do good work.

  5. So, you're one of THOSE people...who waters in the fall;) I found it funny how many people were watering in Sept & Oct this year after our dry summer. I guess I just figure it will be dying soon anyway. But I wholeheartedly agree that your yard looks beautiful!