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Sunday, February 16, 2014

Part 2 Hastings, a yummy treat

Our road trips usually involve a small town, and small towns usually 
have amazing bakeries with lots of goodies.
 Hastings did not disappoint... 
 Emily's Bakery is a family owned business that spans 3 generations over 66 years.
I visited with one of the employees who showed me the photos on a shelf
  behind a showcase of cookies. Emily and her husband are shown in the photo on the far right, followed by their children and grandchildren 
who have taken over at different times to run the business. 

It was hard to choose just one thing so we each picked something to enjoy at the bakery,
we chose a dozen of cookies, and a loaf of english muffin bread.

Our stash

My choice was a white chocolate raspberry scone.... 
my mouth is watering as I'm reminded by this photo
 how absolutely scrumptious this baked good was.

Yummy toast & jam treat

If you ever make it to Hastings I encourage you to visit Emily's...
you won't be disappointed!!!


  1. Yummy! Looks fun :)

    1. Dad got a cinnamon roll, he liked that too :)

  2. Small town bakeries are the best. I agree. Next time we're in Hastings...

    1. Check it out Audrey if you ever go to Hastings... there is also a Deli next to the bakery (owned by the same folks)

  3. Wow, that scone looks amazing!

  4. I love scones .. and raspberries.....and white chocolate!