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Thursday, February 13, 2014

Road Trippin...

Last weekend Rick and I decided on a little road trip.
This time to Hastings Mn, neither of us had ever been there so we
 hopped on the back roads and made our way up from Rochester.
Rick is an awesome navigator,
 I'm hopeless when it comes to figuring out what direction we are going,
so that's his job and it's really what he prefers.

I love to drive because when I see something of interest I can stop on a dime
 whip out my trusty camera for some interesting photo's...
 country, farms, old buildings etc that's my kind of "eye candy".
Loved this farm....all by itself in the middle of a field,
 surrounded by trees for some shelter from the elements.
We arrived in Hasting to find a quaint little river town.
Love the building lines, windows, and colors
Beautiful old buildings
Lots and lots of antiques, we visited a few of the shops,
it's always fun to browse, I seldom buy.
We had lunch at a place called the Onion grill, very good food
and as always we sought out a bakery for dessert.... that's the next post
stay tuned  :)



  1. Oh, Jackie, I am jealous. A road trip. You know that I love them as much as you. Rick and Randy are two peas in a pod as are you and I. Good navigator men, hopelessly lost with a map wives.

    Those two farm photos of the bales in the shed and the isolated island farm site are fabulous. I never tire of viewing and studying your photos. You have the artistic eye and the technical skills to create some mighty fine images.

    I look forward to Part II from Hastings.

    1. Those are my two favorite photo's as well, It's fun to share them with someone who appreciates every aspect!

  2. I didn't know you did that. What a pretty town! How fun :) I want part #2! Loves

    1. A little escape last Saturday....and NO body knew :)

  3. Love your road trips:) You remind me of my parents:)

    1. When you dont have kids around any more, you gotta think of something to do, the road trips are fun for both of us!

  4. Love hearing about your road trips! Good planning to get away before you took on caring for your mom!

  5. We love exploring Minnesota....my favorite state :)