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Thursday, March 13, 2014

Part Two... road trip

Before we left St. Ansgar we checked out this site
 Mill Dam, so pretty against the pure white snow

Since St. Ansgar didn't have much, we decided to travel to Austin for Lunch,
 right after crossing the Iowa border 
we passed through Lyle Mn, a little town of 500 
 We believe this was the old train depot, not sure what it's used for now but according to some literature I found,  it used to have "as many as a hundred people a day pass and check through the depot".

"The Chicago Great Western Railway started in Lyle when construction of the branch line from Lyle to Manly Jct., Iowa was completed on November 28, 1885. A line from Hayfield, MN to Dubuque, Iowa was later completed on December 1, 1886. The Great Western Depot in Lyle had a hotel in connection with the depot, and during the holiday seasons as many as one hundred persons a day passed and checked through the depot. This building was destroyed in the big fire of 1891 and later rebuilt".  article from internet

Passing through Lyle
 Typical of a small township in the middle of nowhere

We look forward Lunch on our road trips, but we like to stay away from the chain restaurants. 
We like the little diners/cafe's, or just about anything off the beaten path.....
 We found this beauty in a residential area in Austin, MN
Grinder's Deli

The women behind the counter was the owner, she quietly filled her orders, not really interested in small talk but she did tell me that her and her husband have owned this little deli for about 25 years.
The sandwiches were yummy with a secret mayo-based sauce.
 A bag of chips and a pop to complete our lunch.


  1. Fun times. I love trying little, non-chain places too!

    1. I dont think we've hit a bad one yet :)

  2. My kind of road trip. We are like you and Rick. No chain restaurants for us either. We always seek out local one-of-a-kind restaurants, too.

    1. It's part of the adventure isn't it Audrey :)