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Sunday, May 25, 2014

My Sanctuary...

I'm pretty sure every spring I do a post to feature my deck/gazebo... my sanctuary. 
This year things got a little behind, we really didn't want a repeat of last years
 dumping of snow that totally trashed the roof of our gazebo, so we waited a few weeks. 
Well then, Rick wanted to treat the deck top with a sealant 
but the weather just wasn't cooperating.... rain rain go away.

We finally had some dry days in a row so my man surprised me on Friday, 
when I got home from work it was all set up
Oh how I love that man of mine....just what I needed.

This was the big fishing weekend that all my guys attend,
so I was very thankful to have my
"outdoor living room" set up and ready for some relaxing.

My new little treasure that I picked up a few weeks ago at the Prim Barn

My hanging basket gift to my self, from Houston's nursery in Kasson. 

another pretty that I've had for a few years

Pot O' Pansies

Looking out from my dining room, 
I've always thought it's such a nice extension to our home 

Birds chirping, gentle cool breeze and a light scent of candles burning....
Now all I need is my guys to make it home safely, should be here soon  :)

Hope you all have a relaxing and safe Memorial Day,

A time to honor America's hero's.... Thank you!


  1. So lovely! Love the new hanging glass candle holder!

  2. A fun new addition :)

  3. Anonymous2:13 PM

    I'm sitting on our front porch as I write this. The sun is shining and the breeze is awesome.....no desire to move (although DH decided to move from the chair next to me to the indoor couch for a nap!!!!!). Enjoy!!!!!!! Hugs..........

    1. Ahhhh. sounds like a nice relaxing time at home :)

  4. so cozy! I'm with Brie ... I like the glass candle holder too!

    1. It actually reminded me of something you could make :)

  5. I love all of your pretties and your flowers. Nothing like candles to set the mood...

    1. Thanks Audrey, It's a cozy, quiet place to be :)

  6. Absolutely beautiful! I'm curious, do you like your storage bench? I saw one like yours at Home Depot and considered it for both storage and a seat. Do you use it for both?

    1. You can use it as a seat, but we usually don't sit on it, sometimes the kids do, it's certainly sturdy enough. it holds all of our cushions and the decor that I dont want getting wet. I love it!

    2. Wonderful! I'm getting one soon for our patio!

  7. I absolutely love your outdoor space Jackie. It looks so warm and inviting. I look forward to the spring reveal too. :)
    I'm catching up a bit here. How exciting for you and your family to have a new little one. I can't wait to see photos. Thanks again for all of your encouragement! Enjoy this beautiful day. Oh, I was going to ask you what is on your reading list for this summer? We just read The Ladies No.1 Detective Agency for our book club. I'm thinking I might read a few more of those. There are 14 in the series!