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Wednesday, October 22, 2014

My favorite color is October...

We knew the colors were nearing peak here in southern Mn,
 so we ventured out yesterday to see what we could see...
Destination Winona!
Hwy. 14E is such a scenic way to travel to Winona, versus the faster route on I 90.
As we traveled the winding roads past Lewiston, 
I made Rick pull over on a curve with no shoulder so I could photograph this beautiful sight. 
I risked my life for this photo...Ha  :)

My Husband LOVES Hardees "Frisco breakfast sandwich". 
Rochester has not had a Hardees for years, so first stop was his favorite 
Fast Food restaurant for a little morning goodness  :)

After we got our "Hardees fix", we visited this neat little shop in downtown Winona. 
I picked up a couple of fall decorations for my dining room, such a fun place to browse.
Did you notice the lady in the 3rd window from the left?

 The glass had been removed and this was a painting.

You cant go to Winona without stopping by Bloedow's Bakery...yum! 

 Down by the campus of Winona State, by the lakes.
I was glad the "colors" had waited for us... such a spectacular site.

Then there's Garvin Height's...
 If you haven't been to Garvin Height's lookout in the fall, 
you haven't seen this breathtaking view... 
 ...and this is only a hint of what you see until you take your eye away from the camera's view-finder.
 Winona State University campus (center)
My daughter attended college here, such a beautiful setting!

 The East Lake apartments where my daughter lived the last two years of her schooling
(Located a few blocks east of the campus)

We got our fill of pretty, in this quaint little town of Winona.


  1. Great pics! What a beautiful, clear, sunny day for pics!

  2. Anonymous6:51 AM

    Oooooo......I wish I would have known! You were so few miles from my/our place!!!!!! Your photos capture the color of October wonderfully. Garvin Heights is one of our fave riding roads into Winona. Also, "Pieces of the Past" is right across the street from our fave Winona eatery....Acoustic Cafe!!! Yum! Next time......................

    1. Doreen we stopped into Acoustic cafe for a coffee, it's such a cute little place. I didn't realize you were so close to Winona?

  3. Jackie, you have me yearning for a Winona road trip. I love this town, where our eldest also attended WSU AND lived in East Lake Apartments her last two years. Yes!

    Your photos, as always, are absolutely stunning.

  4. Another thing we have in common :)

  5. Jackie these photos are absolutely breathtaking. They are frame worthy! I called Brian over and he totally agreed. We have driven through Winona but never in the fall and we haven't stopped. That gift shop looks so cute, but the painting kind of creeps me out. ;) Maybe it's up for Halloween? Brian said he has been to that bakery before. I would love to go sometime. I totally want to take a day trip there now. Anne of Green Gables is one of my favorite movies ever. Thanks so much for sharing your trip with us. Do you have any favorite towns that you like to visit during the holiday season? I think that might be something fun to do with the kids.

    1. Thank you Rachel, the colors were really pretty despite being just past peak. You really should try a fall trip down to Winona, I think the kids would get a kick out of Garvin heights lookout, and while you're there Katie could checkout Winona state University....It's never too early to start looking at colleges. :) I have a fun place for you and your family to try, Have you ever been to Northfield for the Winter walk"....checkout this website. We've never done it, but have friends that have! I want to this year :) http://www.uniquelyminnesota.com/activities/northfield-mn-winter-walk.htm

    2. Can you believe Katie is a Junior already! We will have to try a fall trip down to Winona sometime. Maybe next year over MEA. Ohhhh, that winter walk sounds darling!! Thanks for the suggestion Jackie! I hope you are enjoying your day with your grands. I can't wait to hear all about it. :)