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Monday, February 23, 2015

Sittin' on Ice...

Every year, about the same time in February,
 Rick and I head on down to the Peace Plaza, in the heart of Rochester 
for a annual event called Social Ice.
 I've blogged about it before, but every year brings new sculptures and adventure.

(True Minnesotans even sit on Ice Benches while getting their photo taken)
This year our adventure included Rick's Brother Brad and 
his wife (and sweet friend of mine) Julie!
I dont think either of them are winter lovers, 
but they were good sports to come along anyway!

 The ice is so detailed and smooth. 
I'm confused as to why no one is sitting on this bench  :)

Egyptian theme Ice Bar "The Sphinx" 
There were 7 different ice Bars set up around the plaza.
(Made of solid 12 ft slabs of ice)

 This one was pretty cool, and airplane for Rochester's airport.

The men are hanging out with this guy (Storm Trooper)

 Staying warm by the giant heaters that frequent the plaza.

 For more on Social Ice Click here.


  1. I don't love the cold, but I love ice sculptures. Wow, these are so pretty Jackie. Like you said they have so much detail. I don't know how these artists do it. So much talent. Glad you had a good time with your family.

    1. Even though I LOVE winter, I dont LOVE being cold either Rachel, but I can handle it for 20 min - 1/2 hour. Especially brutal cold! Downtown Rochester is like a wind-tunnel and it was very brisk Saturday night. The outdoor heaters and beautiful ice sculptures helped take our minds off the cold for long enough to check everything out :)

  2. Those sculptures are cool they they are giving me goosebumps just looking at them. Glad you got together with Brad & Julie! Fun times.

    1. February is always such a brutal cold month, I think they should have this in January when it's a bit warmer. :)

  3. This looks worth a drive. Beautiful sculptures. And I know you had fun just from reading this post.

  4. Audrey you should come during the day when the sculpture are shaping the ice, I know you could write up quite a good story from talking to the guys. It's the reporter/writer in you :)

  5. Lovely......BUT, going from the house to the car in the detached garage is enough for me! Never used to be! You are so right....downtown Rochester is one big wind-tunnel (just like St. Peter Street in downtown St. Paul!!!!!!)

    1. Even I, thought it was almost too cold Saturday night :)