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Monday, April 27, 2015

Cherishing their littleness....

My 3 grands are the light of my life, and make my heart want to explode.
We are blessed to have two in town and because of that we obviously 
see them more often but we love them all the same!

The littlest... out sweet Scarlett is just almost too much for me to handle... 
I really cant get enough of her! I think of her often and miss her all the time. 
Fortunately I have a son and daughter-in-love that send pictures a 
couple times a week so we can  ohhh & ahhhh and giggle & smile at this sweet girl.
Little stinker is pulling herself up in her crib to a stand, there's no stopping her now!

Skype is also a way for us to talk to "Scar" and see what she's up to, 
It also nice for her to see us and hear our voices in between visit's.

 OhMyHeart... it's to much! She's tuggin' at my heartstrings

and then there's the other two....
who live only 1.5 miles away.
About every third Sunday (when my daughter is working her 12 hour shifts) 
we try and take them for the afternoon. 
Of course we love having them and cherish every minute of their littleness,
 but we also do it to give their daddy a little break... he doesn't ask, we just offer! 
Single parenting of two little ones can be tiring, 
even to the well-seasoned parent!
So it's "win-win" for everyone involved.

Yesterday we enjoyed our neighborhood park, the same park that 
Rick & I used to take our kids to when they were little.
Carson looks so tiny on his way up the hill to the park.

 A beautiful day to spend with the kids
Lately I've really been wishing he'd stay little,
 he's at such a fun age. 

"grandma...can we go have coffee"
a girl after my own heart! 
Playin' games at Caribou

Grandpa is counting to 100, Audrey made it to 100 three times in a row, 
with only a little break in between 
The head flops back...then forward, she was determined to make 100!

Thanks for letting me gloat over the loves of my life  :) 


  1. Oh, Jackie, I can see why you love your "littles" so much. They are all so darling, true heart stealers.

    1. I can hardly wait until you get yours someday :)

  2. Love, love, love!