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Saturday, April 18, 2015

Our sweet Joy

The little girl who made me a Grandma is turning 6 today!
The day she was born my heart nearly burst.
  The definition of Love expanded to 
a level, I had never experienced...
...the Love of a grandchild is something 
you will never know until you have one!

I love this sweet-spirited little girl
She has a tender heart and in some ways
 a maturity beyond her years. 
She is inquisitive, thoughtful,  strong willed spirited,
 kind, feisty, sassy, sweet, loving, full of joy, smart, caring, assertive,
 funny, dramatic, and so much more.

God has great plans for this little one... 
for this I know, and this I pray!
I love you Jo jo, you have my heart

I hope you enjoy this video of Audrey's year leading up to "6"


  1. Aww, that was so sweet, she is indeed all of those things. I can't hardly handle that baby pic of her! It's gone fast. Thanks for loving her so much!

  2. Happy birthday from one Audrey to another. I still treasure that bracelet your dear sweet Audrey gave me the first, and only, time we met. You are right about Audrey being thoughtful and caring and sweet and all of those other adjectives you ascribe to her. Beautiful video, Jackie, and beautiful little girl.

    1. Thank you Audrey, she's pretty special :)