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Wednesday, July 22, 2015

toe-touchin' for 4 - 6 weeks....

It took me a long time just to give-in and go see a doctor about my knee. 
Lets just say years of pain and grinding, then in the last few months 
I experienced several episodes when my knee would buckle and nearly send me to the ground... 
I was still reluctant, but it was time! 
It didn't take the doctor long to tell me what he thought, (and I already knew)
an MRI was scheduled with follow-up Orthopedic surgeon consult.

The MRI did not lie, there was much cartilage damage to the point of bone-on-bone, especially under the knee cap and on the inner left side. I had even started to whittle away at the femur bone itself.
(My knee cap and leg bone, femur were rubbing together, with no cushion in between)
I also had a complex meniscal tear that would need to be cleaned up.

My Orthopedic Surgeon, Dr. Rock was wonderful! First of all he told me that I was kind of young to have a total knee replacement (I love him for that), He had another option for this "young chick" ha ha, He would like to forgo a total knee at this time, he believed that a *Lateral release would be beneficial and would give me good relief, I opted for that!
*Lateral release- to cut the lateral tendon of the knee cap allowing it to
 spring up and away from the leg bone

My sweet granddaughter Audrey wrote this note for me the night before surgery.
"Grandma be safe at the hospital. I Love you, Grandma. Be safe, love Audrey, to grandma.
I took it with me into the pre-op room.

Pre-op! The surgeon initials, gotta make sure they do the "right" knee  :)

Post-op, the drain came out before I was discharged.

Post-op (day 2)  Saturday
Rick sat me up in the driveway to get me some fresh air.
Ice and elevation are my friends  :)

Tuesday- dressing removed in surgeon's office

Dr. Rock was pleased at how it looked, some expected swelling and a few small areas of bruising.
No driving for 2 weeks, continue with crutches with only toe-touching for balance for 4 - 6 weeks.
Dr. Rock drilled 3 little holes into my femur where the bone was wearing away, he is hoping that in this area (where the cells are not yet committed) it will grow new cartilage, so... no weight on the bone.

Yesterday I spent some time at Caribou, chillaxin'
Rick ran some errands, I read and enjoyed my latte.

My work friends sent me this lovely edible bouquet....yum
I love my coworkers!!!
* * *  * 
I cant say enough about my "home health care aid". 
Rick is the best! He never complains, and is at my beckon call. 
He is Websters definition of "In sickness and in health"
This morning he worked from 5am - 9 am, came home and made me breakfast,
then hung out clothes and watered the lawn. 
I am blessed to have this pretty amazing guy by my side.

I have also been blessed by many prayers, well wishes, cards, and food.
Thanks to you all.... you know who you are  :)

Let the healing begin so the crutches can go away!!!


  1. Oh my!!!! You definitely are wa-a-a-a-a-a-a-a-a-ay too young for this!!!!! Prayers and well wishes for ALL!!!!! (no driving....yikes!) Hugs........

    1. ha ha Doreen, Yes I've been emphasizing to all my friends that I was considered Waaaaaayyyyy to young for the total knee (hee hee) Thanks for your prayers, please pray that I dont go stir crazy while I'm crutching around the house. UGH!

  2. Great to get this update and see those photos. My favorites are of Audrey's note and Rick hanging laundry on the line. These guys of ours are pretty grand, aren't they? When I had my total right hip replacement at age 51 eight years ago (yes, way too young, but I could barely walk), Randy was an attentive caretaker. Unfortunately he had to work during the day, but I managed. Once he got home, then it was me he needed to care for.

    Continue to be well and heal, my friend. You will love a life without pain.

    1. I'm glad there was another option for me, It may not last forever, but hopefully get me to the age that I would only need one knee replacement. It's encouraging to hear your story, that your pain is gone and you are living life without pain. Rick has hung out clothes a few times for me, I laugh at the way he does it cuz it's not "my way", but it works and I"m thankful for his help in the laundry department.

  3. Glad you're doing well and getting the help you need (surgery and after:))

    1. Thanks Jen... yep, I got good help!