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Sunday, November 08, 2015

Gitche Gumme at it's best...

Rick and I can be quite spontaneous... so mid week we 
decided that we needed to get up to the North Shore, one of our favorite places to be!
I think we caught the tail end of this beautiful fall weather
 because after Monday the temps begin to drop into the 30's and 40's.
It was in the mid 50's today, unbelievable... it's as if  the shore waited for us.

Not sure if we've ever seen the Lake so active!
( I almost fell in trying to capture all the giant waves, I was literally turning circles)

We decided to spend the afternoon in Grand Marais...
 another favorite
 Still plenty of color at Artist point! 

I could have stayed all day watching this show.

 Hard to capture this mighty show

 You really have to be here to feel the power in those waves!
 Non stop amazing!

The lighthouse in the Grand Marais Harbor 

 This guy... that I get to share life with   

We tried a different place for dinner tonight, we usually do Sven & Ole's for pizza, 
but we thought it would be fun to change-it-up. 
"My Sister's Place" was worth it, we will return another time for sure.

* * * * * *

Before our venture to the North Shore we got to hang our with our 
Twin Cities kids & grand baby
Scarlett's mommy & daddy had a date and we got her all to ourselves....Lucky us
 Grandpa is so fun!


  1. Jackie, you have outdone yourself with these marvelous photos. I especially like the lighthouse shots. Girl, you are one talented photographer.

    I love how you and Rick can just pick up and go. How great is that?

    1. Well thank you Audrey, That is a highly valued compliment. The lighthouse shot was tricky, trying to catch the light which came on every 4 seconds, having to use a slower shutter speed with "Dusk" as my lighting, and standing against a pole to steady myself. (All the photographers around me had a tripod, I usually have one but forgot it this trip)

    2. Well then I'm even more impressed that you accomplished this without a tripod.

  2. I love watching Scarlett chasing the ball.

    1. Me too...she's so sweet, and fun!

  3. One of my fave spots, too!!!! Your shots are truly spectacular and capture the power of the mighty lake on the brink of the next chilly season. DH seized those beautiful days for our motorcycle rides..........making choices is what we must do! I could have easily stowed away with you!!!!!!!

    1. It's unbelievable the warmth still in the air on a November day on the shore. Enjoying another day today, just like yesterday :)

  4. Love those waves! Your granddaughter is so cute. I can't believe she is getting around so quickly. Have a great time!

    1. Thanks Rachel, we had such a good time, and yes those little ones grow up too fast!