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Thursday, December 03, 2015

We had some little helpers last night

 Decorating the Christmas tree by ourselves this year just didn't seem right, 
so we ask the parents of our Rochester grandkids if we could have the
 little ones for a few hours to help us decorate.
It was a "Yes"!

 We started with dinner...Pancakes, french toast and scrabbled eggs,
Audrey was learning how to scramble eggs
 (with Grandma's supervision of course)

Audrey and Carson were very interested in my Christmas catalogs,
 especially the ones with all the cookie and goodies.
The repeating theme was, "Grandma, you should make these"

We got our Christmas music on...always Amy Grant's Home for Christmas 

and the  decorating began. 
Carson really liked this bulb
All the bulb ended up in the same spot.... gotta love it  :)

Grandpa helped Audrey get the ornaments up to the next level

Picking just the right spot.

Last year Audrey put the star on.... Carson's turn it this year.
This reminded me of when our kids were little, 
Rick alway put them on his shoulders to put the star on.

Such a blessing to have these two near by to pop over and help us decorate the tree.

Now for the rest of the house.....


  1. What fun, so much more fun than doing this alone. I love the tradition of Rick lifting a little one atop shoulders to place the star. I love the "Grandma, you should make these."

    And, finally, I love Carson's adorable jammies.

    1. Oh yes, they insisted on bringing their Jammies. We were thrilled to have them here...so much fun. You will soon know the thrill :)

  2. I can't believe how grown-up Audrey looks-- and how much she looks like her mama! Such lovely ladies!

    1. Yes Jac', Audrey's Growing up way too fast.... she's out of control :)

  3. So very sweet:)

  4. What a wonderful and fun evening! I think you need to make this a tradition Jackie. Your Grands are adorable. I love Amy Grant too. :)

    1. It was fun Rachel!!! We actually have had the kids over every year to help, but never by themselves :) Hopefully they will want to for years to come!