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Monday, February 22, 2016

Down by the river...

It was another mini road-trip kind of day.

I wanted to go somewhere down by the River, (Mississippi) 
to hopefully get a glimpse of some eagles. 
I don't know what it is about eagles... they just mesmerize me.
  I love watching them fly over the water looking for an unsuspecting fish.
 So it was Wabasha today, a little river town less than an hour from Rochester.

Lunch first.... We chose Silver Star Saloon & Grill 
Rick and I love trying new diners/grills in these small towns.
 They are usually charming with good eats!

I loved the mural painted on this wall in the back of the diner....
After lunch I asked the waiter for directions to the restroom, and he replied, 
"back there... to the left of the jail. (made me giggle :)
 Lots of dead animal skulls, but it fit the theme well...
 as did the saddle bar stool.

Lunch was delicious, I had the turkey club with raspberry mayo and onion rings, 
I shared the onion rings with my guy!
 Rick had a burrito which he really wasn't too fond  of... too "hot" for his liking,
 but he was a good sport and tolerated it.

We walked around a bit after we ate!
Wabasha's a beautiful town full of character!
 Complete with all the old buildings that scream,
 "Look at me, I'm from the late 1800's".

 Love this bridge...that's Wisconsin on the right.
 Just down a few blocks was the Eagle Center
 We didn't go in, but instead chose to walk around and look for eagles... 
we saw some, but they were far away in the trees, so we got in the car and 
drove down the road a bit to "Reads Landing"....
 Now that's better, close up and beautiful.
 Minding his own business.

It was a great day, sunny and balmy for February. 
Another successful road trip in the books  :)


  1. Fun! Looks like a good time. I always liked going to Wabasha/Kellogg for clinicals back in the day. Pretty pictures Mom!

    1. Yes, those were your stompin' grounds for awhile. It's so pretty along the river!

  2. Looks like fun stuff -- whenever I hear the word Mesmerize -- I think of this:

    The origin of the term “mesmerize” dates back to Franz Anton Mesmer, an 18th century physician in Vienna who founded a therapeutic movement called mesmerism.

    I think we need to create Hemmerism / Hemmerize (exploring small towns) and Dietzmanism / Dietzmanize (taking road trips to Cincinnati?) -- what do you think?

    1. Kirk you have a good point... I like it!

  3. I love Wabasha. You are seriously making me yearn for a road trip. We need one.

    1. We just feed off each other don't we Audrey. It would be fun to take a road trip together sometime!