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Saturday, March 19, 2016

My greatest fear has been put to rest...no mice!

Last weekend Rick and I took an early Spring trip up to the cabin.
 We just wanted to check things out after the long 5 months since we closed her down in October.
 My big worry was, do mice get in during the winter and make themselves to home? 
We were pleased to see NO evidence of mice in the cabin, whew!
 I'm a happy cabin owner!
 Foggy morning looking toward our cabin
Taken from the neighbors deck
We pulled up to our driveway and met another neighbor that had been down to 
the public access to look at the lake.
It's always good to meet the neighbors, so far they are all so welcoming and kind.

 The start of the thaw

 Lots of debris on the deck, 
we swept the deck, cleaned the eaves and pick up fallen branches on the lawn.
We enjoyed working outside on this 62 degree day.
it was 20 degrees colder inside the cabin so we opened the windows to warm it up.

I love the huge pine trees in our yard, so pretty against the blue sky.

 The dock will soon be back in the water...cant wait!

 Since the cabin is "seasonal" we can't run the water until the ground thaws,
 so we had to rough-it a little. 
Rick was very resourceful, he brought water in from the lake to flush the toilet... I love my guy!
We brought our own water from home for drinking and for washing up. 
 ~ ~ ~ ~
 Sunday was a different day....cold and rainy.
We got up and went to church, then headed to Walker for a little lunch at Hardees
On our way back to the cabin we stopped in Akeley to say Hi to Paul :)
(do you see me?)
We have plenty of things to do at the cabin on a rainy day.
Games, puzzles, adult and childrens coloring books with all kinds of markers.
  It's fun to spend time together, without the distraction of TV, computer etc.
Yes... we have chosen (for now) to not have internet or TV.
 Rick and I played Bananagrams.... I always win  :)

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

The fog was heavy on the morning we left, it was quite beautiful
and our walk was so peaceful.

Looking forward to our next visit....soon I hope  :)


  1. You have found your little slice of heaven on earth. I can read this in your words, see this in your images. I especially love the perspective on the pine cone photo. You have that artist's eye.

    I love Bananagrams.

    1. Thanks Audrey, we are looking forward to a full summer of fun at the cabin :)

  2. Glad to hear you're mouse free! Unfortunately, we cannot say the same for our storage unit that held our things for the past 5 months. We found a few dead mice and lots of evidence they were in some of our things...ugh! Thankfully nothing major was damaged and we could disinfect most everything else.

    1. Oh sorry Jen...I hope they didnt damage anything!!! Nothing worse than those dirty little pests getting into your space.

  3. Love the pictures! It's weird to see Long Lake frozen! Love your pretty coloring too :)

    1. I knew you would appreciate the coloring... I got some new "fine tip" crayons, you're gonna love them !